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Beginning to end. Eddie Murphy is really really. He's going forward all the way. And this is the perfect role for him to do it as Rudy Ray Moore and I just I mean it's like this as you know. Hey kids let's put on a show and nothing's GonNa stop us and that spirit goes all the way through in between that and strong supporting performances and just man Eddie Murphy but him up there to. Let's get him into award nomination for this movie. I love this movie. It was just so much fun I loved it too. I'm totally onboard. There is probably my number eleven or twelve but yeah I love this movie so much fun. You're absolutely right I'm still sticking knives out but second most fun movie there. Yeah I I had a lot of fun with it too and I think Eddie Murphy does a great job divine joy randolph. Also as we head in that supporting role yeah she she's getting like someone you want to see more of. Yeah yeah all right so my number five would-be robber the lighthouse. This is shocking. I thought that was going to David wearing a lighthouse lighthouse chocolate all years. How much you love? I thought that'd be your number one interesting. Okay so I really put forth that Fan Energy I guess yes But yeah no I I love I love my entire top-five quite frankly but You know this movie is so crazy and just to you just go for broke performances. Robert Pattinson Willem Defoe just just going nonstop one hundred percent for the whole thing and It it looks beautiful and I completely get anyone who doesn't like it because of the lack of plot but it's for me it's just such a fun thing to watch to just sit there and watch these to just go crazy. I love it. Yeah it's insane. You got that right. Yeah I liked. It didn't level when I saw it and I don't think I ever ever want to see it again but not because it's not a worthwhile thing it's just like Jesus it's just didn't say like I also thought and I think we've talked about this some points on like Hanson's accent changed in them like but I guess he could justify that because his character so crazy can justify anything thing. I think. That's maybe part of the problem head just because it's all like craziness so I would put this on my most disappointing of the year. Not that I didn't like that I disliked it but I liked the witch so much. Okay that Robert eggers previous movie that I was really had high hopes for this and it got a lot of great reviews and I thought it was fine. No I actually liked it more than the witch but on which is great to though it is I was my turn again Yes MRI number four. Going back to my esoteric a female of the Neo Geo movies which which the listeners have been waiting absolutely. Yeah we're GONNA do a whole podcast on it. I was a good year for those. I actually not another. That wasn't on my list. Post like number eleven What we're talking about number four which is Nicholas Pepsi's piercing movie that nobody saw this year which is too bad? Has It was a lot of fun. In addition to having this year's euro horror omb is. It's very much a Brian depalma tribute as well. It's so creatively shots With all of these deliberately fake looking sets in these popping like artificial colors and wonderfully acted by Christopher Abbott and Miyawaza Cow Ska as to to basically psychopaths who cross paths with each other unexpectedly. And it's almost like a romantic comedy about people who want to murder each other other sounds great. It is great. I think it is great prisoner. Abbott plays this guy who's decided he's going to become a serial killer and he makes all these meticulous plans. Zinni hires a prostitute to come to his hotel room so he can kill her and at the last minute she cancels and this other prostitutes shows up instead me Awasa CASCA and she's really into into him killing her but she kind of also wants to kill him too and so they. It's just crazy but it's a lot of fun movie that you never really know where it's going and it's it's like eighty two minutes long but just crazy from. Can we watch this right now. I think it was. It was out on V. I mean it was a direct. Vod released on with. So I assume it certainly available able to random. Dod and it's what language it is in the language of English language. Yeah Christopher Abbott. Both both fairly really well known English Language Actors Costco's done films in other languages. I think I don't know what films those would be. I don't either. I'm excited to watch this. It's now giant. Okay Yeah it's it's it's odd but I I yeah I thought it was a lot of fun and I'm sure it's it's gotta be streaming somewhere probably somewhere like shudder. Maybe not there but if nothing else you can rent it on all the places for like three bucks Yeah you know and it sounds like you know in season one of awesome movie road today. Cemetery Man Yeah. It's a little along those lines though. This sounds like this is one that actually reaches its potential instead of going off the rail. I think that it does. Yeah but it's Definitely not a movie. That was widely acclaimed. Let's put it that way. I heard a lot of praise for this one from like a lot of other movie. PODCASTS and stuff like like that but yeah I guess I never got around to watching it and I really should. You won't well. That's all right. I hope so. I look forward to hearing what you think. My number. Four four is My favorite documentary this year. And that is Bruce springsteen stars and a there's no surprise that I'm a huge huge springsteen fan but you could dislike or not care about Bruce Springsteen at all this is a great movie yeah This is about kind of this southern southern cal sun-drenched nineteen seventy s western style album. That he just put out and which is such a departure from his other music and I liked the album but then with this movie. You just like the album more because you're not getting. It's not a typical like behind the music. I wrote this on because of this. Like he's really going deep into like character and what it means to be these people that he's writing about and I guess you know Bruce's always wrestling with America America and what is American and what we should be on. Its shot beautifully Bruce. co-directed it with Thom Zimny who's always directing his stuff And it was really well received which is which is good because bruce needed something a takeover as way lately right he's not just the Broadway thing and the tours and just guy. Yeah so there's underdog but I truly recommend this For any fanned end of of music documentaries. This is a great music. I I completely agree the thing you said about how it makes you enjoy the album more like that was the thing that my biggest take away from it. I I listen to the album. One time throws like not as bad as all right though but with the context of the movie. I mean it's so damn good. WHO's a so in tune with delivering delivering entertainment in information to his audience? And unique ways like we decided the Broadway Day and this is like I mean you know so many of these guys like Bruce's seventy or pushing seventy is seventy now Yeah like they just kind of rely on the greatest hits and like he's just pushing so far forward lowered. It's really fun to watch it. Like a master. Just take take him and push himself to the limit still. We should probably stop him. Because I'm sure he will continue talking about Bruce springsteen for quite a while. Yeah Yeah but I will say as someone who doesn't care about Bruce springsteen. I have been curious to watch this movie. Cool loves it with you think all right my number four war was on my list at the midway point and not because I got writer director. Sean Snyder on this show that love this movie. When I first saw to dust which was probably the most surprising movie of the year for me? I mean I did not. I don't know where this came from. Just kind of out of nowhere But it is such a funny weird dark comedy about a about this Rabbi who his wife dies and he's having trouble dealing only with the grief and so he goes to a community. College professor Thinking that he might have answers for him. That would help him to accept things on a more I I guess human level not religious level and I it just goes in such strange places. It's so just darkly funny and I loved this movie. I remember seeing the previews. What's it called to dust to dust? Yeah Yeah Yeah I liked it a lot to it was it was. I was on my top ten in the mid year point and just is below that as yeah it's really matthew. Broderick is by his best performance in. I don't even know how long as the professor selection maybe yeah honestly it might be. Yeah and it's just this like funny like Weird Buddy comedy now and it's one of the best like Jewish movies with and we talk about Uncut Jam but this movie is a very Jewish movie and really gets into a lot a lot of stuff about religion and identity. And I'd recommend it to. It's nice to see like It's not on my top ten but like it's nice to see actors like who haven't like Homerun in such a long time that relate Jennifer Lopez is great in Hustler's. She has nine. Yeah all right What's up next for you number three Auburn Robert? All right well. I'm finally getting into some of the widely acclaimed movies of the year. My number three is Noah Baumbach marriage story which is no surprise is that I love the Noah Baumbach movie. I am a huge huge fan of basically everything that he does And this has got to be. Maybe his most acclaimed movie ever at least since this would in the west and maybe even more so than that and so. I went in with very very high expectations and I feel like my expectations were met. It's an incredibly well acted film. Adam driver and Scarlett Johansson or both fantastic as this couple going through the process of divorce. I think it's extremely really well written as bombecks films always are It's got humor to it. which some of his films can be very bleak and this movie has moments of that? But I feel feel like it's in a way one of his more optimistic films because as we go through the darkness of the divorce process and especially dealing with these shark like lawyers played by Laura Dern and Ray Liotta you come out on the end in in sort of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and and being able to See these people and the way that they can go forward in their lives in his parents and I just love the journey of that I mean the. There's a big argument. Seen that's been memed all over the Internet. That is justifiably really great. But I feel like the opening of this movie with these voiceovers of the two characters vans letters about each other and what they like about each other is just so beautiful and heartfelt and that's me like from the second this movie opened it was like okay. I'm I'm in it all the way so it's not a movie. That needs my endorsement but I love marriage store. Of course that scene she he does not end up reading and neither of them end up reading. The letters says well yeah and then it comes back at the end the way that does also just really beautiful. Yeah I I love this movie too. Yeah it's probably my list coming up L.. Probably you're not. You're not sure you still making your list and we talk. It'll be it'll be screaming all right all right. Well well What do you have the number? Okay number three. Let's look at the other side of romance and romantic comedy. That really works Yet another streaming movie. So this is is the year of the streamer has taken over for me. I think this is probably the first arrived more streamers on my list than theatrical releases plus one on Hulu which the young gentleman over there. Mr Josh Bell told me to watch. Yeah we watched it together or maybe just part of it because you fell asleep..

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