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TJ Wilson from the Texas Rangers and did nothing with them. So I mean, I don't know what it's going to take sure you can tell him or judges Rangers fan by heart. But when the world today is going to do the Be a competitor in the division, let alone the league. Yeah. Yeah, That's my thoughts. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Beato said that but didn't have a loud bell in the back of what? What was that? What happens? Door was open. Oh, no, no, I'm telling you, something was ajar. I understand. I think like, dude, if that Otani kid was on and Astros or a Dodgers or Yeah, like, if you be it'd be crazy er news about him. Why is I mean, so what? Anybody that could compete? Why are the Angels not? Why can't they be better? I mean, they have that history of paying a lot of money to get those stars there And then when the stars arrive there trash, But as soon as they leave, then they have a resurgence in their career. It's a wild thing. Some people say it's an angels hex, or, uh, You know some voodoo going on down there, But that's it's a real thing. They like to pay a lot of money for stars who, while they're underperform, and then when they leave, they do better. But I mean, the Otani kid is obviously doing his thing. Will we see more of these guys? I'm sure there have been guys who could could pitch and hit, uh, education it could for the Longhorns 20 years ago. You know the organization's major league baseball like No, No, No. You got to choose one of those. We're not going to run our picture out there in the batting line up every you know every day or the opposite. Purists will go. They freak out when they see now that they see this. Will that will there be more? I think more guys like that. Maybe you could Jason, but not to this degree. I mean, that dude is something like special on top of special. But, yeah, you know, Brooks was probably the best pitcher hitter that maybe Texas has ever had. Dennis Cook at it to Dennis Cook with great picture hitter too, right? Cookie was. Did I say? He said he doesn't take batting practice? Yeah. Otani, listen that he ripped that off when I say that to you. Yeah. Long old Coach Dick here Long been my opinion that when it comes to softball, practicing is cheating, okay? Kind of goes for golf as well. But I've been practicing a little bit lately. Practicing it. She got some whiffle balls in the backyard. Also, if you play with a zero B A C that's also cheating. Okay? Yeah, that's you Got you got you got to have some jet fuel and let's get some beers in you, man. Get some jet fuel. All right here. Let's move the golf and my guys been on hold on. Zack for new Broncos is on Calle BJ. What's exactly Hey, not much. I I think I would agree to. I also don't care about the baseball thing. I think I tuned out that entire segment hold for. Thanks Exactly. I'll put you right back on hold. I'll have you now. As as I was calling. When you were talking about the UFC thing, not really having any stars. I was wondering what you guys think I kind of feel like golf is sort of getting that way because we had Tiger Woods. It was the superstar forever, and I feel like we haven't really had, like one person that's like the guy. In a while. I mean, we kind of thought speech was going to do it A few years ago, I was like maybe kept to But like looking at the last three years, there hasn't been a single repeat person win a major. Yeah, I think Ed's going to tell you that that is not true that there's a bunch of rising stars in the game. But it's a good point. Zach, you know, because Jon Rahm is on the cusp. He could. He could win this week in sandwich at Royal ST George's, because he almost won the Scottish Open yesterday. He's right there a budding superstar to be, I think, Bitos Man, Rice and the shambo. Is a superstar, so I think there are superstars they've been trying read like with Rory or with Jordan, right? They just they find the hiccups where they might go off course there for a couple of years, But definitely since Tiger they've been yearning for one. I don't know what the problem is just having that great like upper echelon of of players and having it be more competitive. Just show you have to have someone ahead. I think holders above no, I think it's good for the game in term for people, you know, It's it's super golf fans like And and sort of casual golf fans like us. Yeah, it is good, but when that when Tiger was doing it like he's on Good Morning America, all right. He's on the bananas in Fresco morning show for people who don't care about God. He's on their radar, and there are no golfers right now who are like There's no golfers that do what Tiger did, which is a track non golfers to see him play on Sunday on TV because he's such a He was such a huge personality. Huge person. Yeah, Bryson do Shambo. That guy got any friends? I am so far out on him. I don't know what happened. What'd you do to you now? I don't know. Like I was. I was all about it when he was, you know, just pounding protein shakes and driving the ball a million miles. Then I watched him on the match. What? Everything. And now? Hey, dude. Now he's just saying he's got a new caddy. And he and his old of a guy or fine. I'm like you're never going to talk to that guy again. Yeah, he said today that yoga is business were bad. It's needs have been bad. Well that well, why didn't you say that last weekend or the rocket in Detroit? That Yeah. He's got bad knees. He wants to quit for a while. You didn't say that you had to an assistant pro from Dallas National in Dallas. And you got your friend, your swing coach. And, yeah, Yeah. You guys know who my favorite golfer is? Vinny Del Negro. Former Spur? Yes, sir. Golf champion beat John Smaltz in a playoff. Yesterday. I tell you what, for a guy who finished his baseball career is a closer had an awful time closing out that golf tournament yesterday. Oh, you're killing me there today. That was it. Yeah. Sorry. Exactly. Yeah, well, it was this like a Peter Pan golf. What is that stable, You know, American century American century Century championship. Edwin Tahoe and I need you to get me on their real You can. I can get you on there because I think any Tom Dick or Harry can walk up there and play. John Smaltz, uh, was leading the whole day and then collapsed. The last two holds many Del Negro made a birdie on 18. They go to the first playoff all where John Smaltz. It's a tree and it's a tree again and hits it in the water. It's over. And my guy Vinny Del Negro again former spur Now he did play for, like half the teams in the league. I don't know if the Spurs claim him. Uh, he's He's the first ever basketball player to win the celebrity tournament. Oh, is this what, like Charles Barkley was in that we talked about Barkley Bet on himself. How's your guy? Do the one that you have a tattoo on your back? Tony Tony Romo played well finished in third. I needed to make a couple putts didn't do it. Annika Sorenstam fourth I think that's the thing. She's a She's a Hall of Famer. No, she's you're saying she shouldn't be allowed in? No, she should She should woman and she she should not have played because he's a pro. But it was fun because she's a fine golfer enjoy watching her play Barkley but about $100,000 on himself at 5 to 1 odds that he'd finish in the top 70..

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