IRS, FED, Donald Trump discussed on Rich Dad Radio Show


Tenth amendment for taxes was led to the irs and the average person has no idea what the fed is all what to do about taxes and that's why this is that's why what the rich dad radio show so you can listen to some of the points of view out there so once again you can listen to the rich dead radio program any time anywhere on i tunes or out android and all of our programmes are archived at rich dad radiocom we archive them because repetition is how you'll learn more listen those programme again you'll hear even more but more importantly play this program for france family and business associates and discuss it because money like it or not and taxes affects all of our lives comments absurd judy i have a question because i thought this was a really interesting comment you made um because every the media keeps saying that trump is a protectionist he's against free trade is trying to cut off a no arch freetrade from all these different countries and year dealings with the campaign and the transition you say that's not so president trump is absolutely four pretrade and i gave him much credit for getting out there on the campaign trail and pain that if countries can manipulate their current he he gain an export advantage that is that is against the rules that now the problem is today we don't have rules where you have a stable international monetary system nothing like that today.

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