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I think it's incredibly important to bring this up. The gentleman. We talk about the greatness of LeBron James if you wanna talk about him being the greatest player in the world. Then isn't it? Fair to say, he's the standard. He's the standard upon which everyone should aspire to be into days NBA game. Well, let's let's Paul late at into the next subject. What hell hasn't anyone else? Does it up? Isn't he Davis when I have the personality planet the smoothie king arena? I told y'all before I don't think there's any bay win. Hell so God planted the smoothie king arena. Every night is going to get a league MVP award. I don't believe it. I told you that the Greek freak is phenomenal. He's the Milwaukee. I think they're hurts them to some degree and turns a box office appeal, even though we did we right here. ESPN? We did a great commercial with the Greek freak loved it. Absolutely loved it. We got LeBron James and Tinseltown at age thirty three approaching thirty four his six season in the NBA flat out bowling average, twenty eight eight and seven. He's looked phenomenal. And he's just getting started shooting forty percent from three point rates. Pulling up a thirty two from thirty two feet for threes. All of that's true. But what's up with a couple of other people? Kevin Durant got five twenty five thousand dollars. I believe it was about a warriors for Cussing fan in the stands against the Dallas Mavericks the other night walked over them told them to shut the F up and watch the game. So people sit up there and say Kevin Durant there he goes again being sensitive. I've certainly been one. I'll certainly say to you that for me. When I look at it. I gotta tell you. Kevin Durant was wrong. You can't act like that. That is absolutely true. But I do side with him from the standpoint that he says why do folks act like I've changed so much. I haven't changed. I've been the same all stop. Y'all just paying attention. Does have a good point there. Does have a good point there. Katie is somebody that where's the motion on the sleeve? He might have tried to be PC because that's what he was advised to do. And maybe that's what it was. But the reality of the situation is if you catch a bologna, he's always wanted to tell you what feels. That's fair enough. But I will tell you something right now, you know, we feel abroad and LA we see LeBron is doing it's time to start looking at some of these other guys holding them accountable. Only from the standpoint of trying to measure up you want to be recognized one of the greatest in the game. You want to be recognized that the MVP candidate you want to be recognized estates, especially with the money that you get paid. Let's holding them accountable for the right reasons. Like, for example, I'm in the nation's capital the other day, and I'm watching the wizards. This gentleman. The arena was half full. Half full. Now, here's my mindset to be quite candidate simple about it. I'm watching. I am watching this stuff unfold. And I'm looking at this. And I'm saying they'll right. They lost two straight. They lost at a Brooklyn nets. And then J Damian Lillard came near dropped forty on them Sunday. And then last night they were down by twenty four in the first half to the clippers getting their behinds waxed. And I said this Ambati something's gotta give. Greg for somebody. Gotta make a trade, whatever whatever. But John wall, bald showed up showdown dropped thirty was handling his business. Bill dropped twenty seven. He was balling. And they carried the wizards victory. And Otto porter was a key factor. Jeff green rather was a key factor. All of that is true. All of that is absolutely positively true. Undeniably. So. But I will say this to you. Since that is the case. How can we can't do that continuously? John wall spoke after the game and spoke about his emotional state of mind how he heard trae talk. How was a bit rough. You know, how tough to take because it gives hot. So, blah, blah, blah, a stop it. Put on your big boy pants John wall on not that simple. That's not how this works. Joe? Walkin play. Tell wall is a five time all star. John wall is not a scrub..

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