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Due to the graphic nature of these events listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of sexual assault and suicide. is extreme caution for children thirteen. On, March Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety five Alexander McQueen's runways. Show was the hottest ticket in. London. The event situated on the sprawling east lawn of the natural history. Museum was completely sold out. It was a huge night for the rising fashion star. He was only twenty six years old the pressure was on. Backstage McQueen made the final adjustments on several beautiful lace dresses. Suddenly he grabbed pair of shears and slashed them. He instructed an intern to do the same with a knife McQueen's mother screamed and cried, no, don't spoil them. But McQueen wasn't worried about ruining the garments fish was all part of his vision. On the runway battered and bruised models down the ripped dresses, exposing their breasts and underwear the shell and the clothing collection were titled. The highland rape critics responded to the show with rage. They called out McQueen as a misogynist for glamorizing sexual assault and violence. But McQueen insisted the public misinterpreted his intent and the historical context behind.

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