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To proceed now that he did back then he spoke tonight to Turner sports again I think now because so little is known you know we're we're we're we're we're here we're ready to go I mean I I don't want to leave the suggestion anywhere anybody that we're not doing everything we possibly can to restart under the right circumstances but of course quite your safety and and the health of everyone in the in the NBA family has to come first and silver said that in a perfect scenario the NBA would somehow be able to complete the regular season and then move on to the playoffs but that no decisions can be made until next month at the earliest silver said there is too little information to make any kind of projections the NBA has told teams they may not conduct or attend any workouts with draft eligible players that is a radical departure from normal procedures NFL draft will be conducted in a fully virtual format to draft will take place entirely outside of T. facilities no group gatherings will be permitted team personnel will be separately located in their homes the NFL's all decade team was announced on Monday fifty two players two coaches the coaches bill Belichick and Pete Carroll Tom Brady was one of eight unanimous selection as the others were Adrian Peterson JJ watched von Miller average Donald Joe Thomas and marshal Yanda baseball hall of Famer passed away on Monday al que line was known as Mr tiger he passed away at his home in Michigan played twenty two seasons in the majors all of them with the Tigers fifteen time all star ten time gold glove outfielder he was eighty five Major League Baseball reportedly held a conference call on Monday about how to possibly proceed with its suspended season among the ideas discussed putting all thirty teams in the Phoenix area playing in empty ballparks British open was canceled today first time since World War two the open championship will not take place the rest of the PGA tour may be coming into focus masters reschedule for November PGA championship re scheduled for August and the U. S. open has been rescheduled to get underway September seventeenth at winged foot obviously we're CBS sports radio and our Twitter handle is at CBS sports radio.

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