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From ABC news I'm Michelle Franzen the public. Is getting a I read at newly released FBI documents. Related to wiretap FIS a warrant applications made in October of two thousand sixteen for Trump campaign former foreign policy advisor. Carter page ABC's David Wright has more overnight the FBI released four hundred pages or. So of documents these are related to a wiretap warrant application surveillance warrant back in October of. Two thousand sixteen they were concerned that he was a. Spy for Russia so, on that basis they saw it to listen to his phone and to look at his mails page himself tells ABC news that these. Allegations are crazy the, president's current attorney, Rudy Giuliani says the payment discussed on a recording reportedly made by former Trump. Attorney and fixer Michael Cohen was never made and shows Trump. Did nothing wrong the conversation with then candidate Trump is about a payment to a woman claiming to have had an. Affair with him the recording obtained when the FBI executed A search. Warrant at Cohen's office and. Hotel ABC's George. Stephanopoulos has more as he. Told me he's prepared to tell the truth he wants. To do the right thing for his family I country even if it's not favorable for President Trump we've also seen. Since then he's been disagreeing with the president about the FBI raid about his views. On Russia Michael Cohen is ready to tell the truth to pop prosecutors then it'll be up. To prosecutors determine what that means for Michael Cohen and. Donald Trump a deadly, standoff inside a trader Joe's in Los Angeles began when police pursued a gunman who had shot his grandmother the man accused of a. Deadly shooting street and, of holding dozens, of people hostage in custody the suspect shot in the arm rushing into the. Packed grocery store and employee identified by family as Melita Corato. Killed it's unclear if she was caught in the crossfire or was shot by the suspect ABC's Marci Gonzales reporting from. Los Angeles you're listening to ABC news News Radio six ten, WTVN Allison Wyatt a serial exposure is behind bars today. Thirty-three-year-old Adele win hall religiously..

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