Democratic Party, David Graham, Peter Beinart discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


It's it's it's obvious to anyone. There's a piece by David Graham over the Atlantic talking about where the Democratic Party is moving on policy. And he says that the democratic base has moved pretty radically left is according to data forty six percents of Democrats democratic leaning voters now identify as liberal up from twenty eight percents ten years ago. Meanwhile, the percentage say they're moderates has dropped from forty four to thirty seven the number of conservatives continues to drop too. But those changes most likely reflect the exits rightly Democrats as both parties become more ideologically homogeneous, it doesn't necessarily mean there's been huge growth on the party's left wing. But when you look at the specific moves on specific policies among the Democratic Party faithful you see a radical shift and left. So I think this is correct. Here's the Atlantic digging into Puzder unspecific. Visions can provide a good sense of how Democrats are moving leftward on certain issues, especially immigration economics and race most astonishing as immigration as Peter beinart. Who's terrible has written leaders in the Democratic Party have undergone a dramatic shift for unemployed support of immigration, including a certain extent illegal immigration in nineteen Ninety-four. Just thirty two percents of Democrats said immigrants strengthen the country. Now, eighty four percent do there's complete ideological homogeneity inside the Democratic Party on an issue of serious public controversy. Same thing on comics three quarters of Democrats. The government doesn't do enough to help people up from half in nineteen Ninety-four two thirds government should regulate business more up from half in nineteen ninety four in nineteen ninety four two thirds of Democrats said people could get ahead if they were willing to work hard now only half do. They're moving dramatically and on race. It's the same thing. We'll discuss that. In just one second first, let's talk about your sleep quality. So you haven't been sleeping. Well, I know don't lie herself. You haven't been sleeping. Well, the reason you haven't been sleeping well is because you're a unique human and yet your mattress is made for generic human who does not exist. And who is not you which.

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