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Thank you very much for that now thank you lipscomb in talk about the one on one person one more time and could don't wanna one is positioning itself to be that out the first stop when you come into the space derby might listen to the coin this episode to figure out how to set up your coin base account you might with this episode about maker and taker fees or what is huddle and things like that and they also might come up on interviews with amazing people in a space like yourself so if they heard this interview in this was the first interview that they heard what would you want them to know about this new space be careful read as much as you can don't listen to any one point of view or opinion gather as much information around rounded as you can and don't do anything new aren't willing to lose uh completely because the moment you put yourself in that situation you're bringing on a certain level of risk without necessarily having a deep level of expertise and so that creates a lot of danger that can result in negatively impacting your own life so i would say be to as many people as you can learn as much as he can from everywhere i know there's so much information out there that it can be incredibly difficult you don't know what's right and what's wrong but follow your own instinct full your heart in your mind become your own leader in your own expert in these things and and make decisions for yourself that truly an inherently make logical sense you wouldn't put everything that you own in one particular currency just like you wouldn't put everything you own in one particular start off and so be careful uh be cognizant of the changes in the market and the reasons that things happen and the different things that can result everything is about calls in effect once you begins spotting out those things things will begin making sense but also understand the technology the underlying technology what it is what it does.

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