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Is now five eighteen and I will tell you, my show a frequent critic of HP chief Esa Vado. I am not a fan of his position on the second amendment in. I do not think he has been the best thing for the police culture here in Houston. I myself I'm a former police officer with the city of south Houston, in a former judge. And I think that a positive police cultures important thing, but I couldn't agree more when he got on Twitter in lambasted, the state of our criminal Justice system, right here in Harris County now in the bonds that are being set for violent offenders. He was a he tweeted a majority of the problem with these low bonds are district court, judges and magistrates that are confusing. Misdemeanors non violent misdemeanors with violent criminals, and as a lawyer. I will tell you, there is a seven prong test, including the. Potentially for further danger to the community and the risk of flight that I think, is being ignored when bonds are now being set in Harris County for felons for alleged felons violent offenders. And we had a glaring example in response to chief acetate oh, in y you don't just pull one lever or the other. And I'm speaking to both Republicans and Democrats, you know, straight ticket voting is a problem, especially in judicial actions, and you need to look specifically about it. But Franklin, Franklin bynum, who is the county criminal court law. Number eight judge responded on social media and attacked the chief's position and took to the position that know what our system really works best is when we look at presentative amounts, kind of a starting point, and then make it individual determination about an individual person. He also added that the jury is the one who decides whether someone's guilty or innocent, and he, I do think that is a danger to the fairness in the integrity. Of the whole system for the chief to be concerned. That's the chief of police job to be concerned about criminal Justice and Harris County in Texas, where he works in Houston, and Franklin bynum, and avowed, socialist, a supporter of communism. Just avowed. Okay. He is a member of the socialist party of Houston. And he sits on a bench in his advocating, we had a murderer and I can say, because I'm not on the jury, I believe in the presumption of innocence, but we had the murder of a young child have their bond reduced from a million dollars to a paltry sum. We've had that happen twice now malaria. Let's not forget her name. And when these judges take the position. That it's a revolving door and they don't worry about threatening the chief of police into silence. It's frightening. We have to fix our criminal Justice system. We have to stop voting judges straight ticket. This is Charles Adams time for the headlines, wait, I'm sorry. Let's check traffic and weather Juliette hardy, I'm killing it. Found side right around five seventeen. So they put you on the frontage road, and then you get right back on. It's not a huge backup or anything like that. But they are doing it police investigation. So hopefully they get this cleaned up pretty soon. And then we also have a little bit of a backup on the outbound side of forty ago freeway, it looks like we have an accident right before you get to Grigg. So there's a little bit of a backup through there..

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