Ellen Page, Mr. Elliot, Prince Sihanouk discussed on Sterling on Sunday


Are he and they what? What is that? What do you like a group of people being a party of four? How many seats you gonna need in the restaurant? The This is pretty amazing. I feel lucky to be writing this to be here. She said. To have arrived at this place in my life. Yeah, I must be quite a joy. I feel overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who have supported me along this journey. It was just yesterday. I can't begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self, my authentic self. I'm Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia as my authentic self. I have the hat to prove it. I've got a great hat. When you see this hat, you're gonna know that I am Prince here. Nook of Cambodia, And you should. You should just call me that. She said that excuse me, he now wait a minute. It was him. I was Brian Brian said this morning because she came out as a lesbian a couple years ago and then yesterday came out as a man, so the question obviously needs to be answered. It now that you're a man, Are you still lesbian? Because the Democrats you see they have, like men who are lesbians goes to like when you're in junior high school, and you're a boy. You make jokes like this. Like, you know, I'm really a lesbian, trapped in a man's body and all this stuff. Now she's a lesbian trapped in a woman's body who's now a man trapped in a woman's body. A man with ovaries and a womb. A man without a Penis and testicles. And yet she is a man and, uh, And so is Barack Obama. I just had no way because there but it does. And and Ellen Page is now he and they, um, boy. There You have it. Contract to what you may hear. I actually like men. Oh, right. Yeah. Raise your right here. You never had a lesbian affair. Never. Never, never, never even been tempted. I'm bringing Excuse me, He Elliot Page now a man with a womb and ovaries. And the vagina. Can you say that on the radio? I think you can't and doesn't have the boy bits Has the girl bit says little breast disease. And now a man. Why? Because Ellen Page says, I'm a man and I'm Elliot. So, so much of the world says Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir. Mr. Elliot, sir. I'm not that mentally impaired. I got to say that I know there's this is settled Science. I'm a man of science and this is settled Science. We know they got chromosomes. We've been studying this stuff for some time Now. It's not just the Indian, the Audi the boy stuff and the girl stuff there, you know, crime. Miss Holmes Got jeans got all this stuff We figured out it's science, their men and women. And hormones, all kinds of things. Even you could do whatever you want from this point on, I guess Also, I hear on Netflix the TV show on Netflix. You know they're doing. They're going back in time, because this show's been on How long's it been on Michael couple years? I think this umbrella campers something like that. And they're going to go back and change all the credits. So she is no longer Ellen Page. He is now Elliot Page, even though she was a she then they're going to put the he name on the her from then because this is the Democrat Party today, and they want to do this to your Children as well. She also said to all the trans people who deal with harassment, self loathing abused on the threat of violence every day. I see you owe the threat of violence every day. I love you and will do everything to change this world for the better. She's not. She's a big advocate for trans people should just yesterday, toe like flipping a light switch went from one gender to another and one name to another and And there's some legal proceeding that is required to change your name. And what about your driver's license? Are you rejecting it? Putting in a shredder? Something like that?.

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