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The Bears are alone without a lot of teams do it, but they approached him them. It went nowhere. Next week and all and Robinson you requested a trade for her date is just If they would do anything that he was starting to worry about. You know, my gosh used to be throwing me the ball is recalling the place more conversation. Happened so far, but I think the Bears wanted the lock him in long term, but below market in Ellen Robinson is smarter than me. And this is a chance to really Eyes on his value when the last time he was in a contract year tour is a CL, so he's not going to take a deal that's gonna be below market. Term where another man, another bite of the apple, and they they never were closed. They're still not closed. The Bears haven't even reached out to him since the season ended one way or another. I think he's done there, I think, like Watson He's ready to really make a statement, even if he is tagged and enforce his way out of Chicago. What's gonna be the market and Alan Robinson to the open market if he is not a member of the Bears? Great, but I do think that what he's Or is what you kind of saw out of Michael Thomas Keenan Allen. You know, even even Julio and obviously DeAndre Hopkins is number one. I mean, those top five guys all got Three year contract. In the what I want to say the 22 22 23 minutes. Range and you know, your your first inclination would be while that that's a lot. He's not until level than us. Mystics it only two players in the NFL have more receiving yards than Alan Robinson the last two seasons. Theater Hopkins Stefan Diggs. Tyler Murray, Josh Alan. Not exactly. You know Nick Foles and in Mitchell's Robiskie, he's had the most contested catches in the NFL the last two years. I think you can have a case to make here. Really be in that ballpark. Mystics, Whether it's the circumstances he was in that that's what he's shooting for. No doubt about. He'll come out and say a number. But in conversation you can kind of figure out what would he want that? You know, 34 year? I would think. Right in that range. Finally tie the passing of Vincent Jackson earlier this week stunned the NFL. There were so many of his former teammates or former players that played against him that we're reaching out on Twitter with their condolences and their prayers and really shocked. So many people who was under 40 years old and he had only been retired a couple of seasons. So now there's some conversation about retired football players depression that sets in substance abuse substance reliance. What are we learning about what Vincent Jackson situation may be talking about or talking to in terms of other retirees around the NFL? I think that these retired players they want to have that conversation. They want that help and they need it. Um, you know, and we are talking a lot about Petey and trying to make the game safer and that that's all good. But I think that conversation just about mental health needs to be had more with these retired players, because I mean you're part of a locker and you're part of a brotherhood is your identity. It's who you are. It's It's all of that. And then when that's just stripped away, I think a lot of players really struggled. You just adapt Tol new life, a new lifestyle. I mean, they're not here. Not in that locker room anymore. And so many players really rough. Compare it almost too. It's being in a battlefield being in a war on, you know you hate compared to anything the war but it is. It is tough to re assimilate. I think outside of the game, especially with this sport that is so violent that is so brutal. I don't know what this in Jackson situation, but I do know some people that have talked to him relatively recently, and they're pretty shook by it, and they've kind of gone through some similar mental issues. And I don't know what the answer is. I mean, maybe it's counseling it. It's gotta be putting money toward Something to help these guys because, sadly, it's It's probably not going to be the last sad case. We we've seen out of retired player. Amazing work being done it go long. Gotta go long tt dot com to read all of these wonderful deep dives and long forms on the NFL. You can sign up for the newsletter as well to get the latest of what's going on to the website. Tyler done is available on Twitter as well, so you could follow what they're doing there. That's act I done spell done. Do you and e. Tie. Always great stuff, man. Thanks So much for jumping on today. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much for having an appreciate the kind words to always Excellent stuff tied. Done Joining us this morning here on the show Standing by with our headlines this morning. Is Andrew. Bogus. Mr. Bogue's what we got. Let's go back to Vincent Jackson for a second because a chilling new development in this storied initial poured from the medical examiner released yesterday says the former Bucks in charge receiver might have died multiple days before he was found Monday in a hotel room in Florida. Hotel staff entered the room Saturday and Sunday and saw Jackson on the couch. They thought he was asleep when he was in the same position Monday, They finally called 911. His family did confirm yesterday They have donated his brain to Boston University for its ongoing study of SETI in football players. Out of the MBA. It's the Bucks longest losing streak and four years since five games, thanks to the Raptors. Vanvleet straightaway works left side Far wing gets a switch on Middleton drives into the lane kicks the Powell three in the air. Good norm puts the umbrella up. And a big splash for Toronto radio into him. Powell scored 29 27 from Pascal See Aquaman, a 1 10 96 victory in Milwaukee. Miami A 1 18 1 10 win in Sacramento and the Nets with a 109 98 win over the Lakers at Staples James Harden scored 23. With Kevin Durant still out with a bad hamstring. LeBron's 32 point night included becoming the third ever with 35,000 career points. After the loss. The Lakers and Anthony Davis will be out four weeks with his Kapstream, LeBron and Durant, by the way, your captains for the All Star Game in Atlanta on March 7th..

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