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Born local hartford news during the day at the talk of connecticut wbrc is here to deliver start every hour of your workday with the latest news about what's happening in hartford with updates from suzy pinto plus enjoy even more during your date from brad davis they'll give you the latest happenings in greater hartford and we'll follow up on the stories you heard i that morning during the brad davis show the best local news from the best news team in hartford every hour all day only on the talk of connecticut tony did you know that prescription pain relievers have contributed to more overdose deaths than cocaine and heroin combined talk to your kids about the dangers of medicine abuse visit drugfree dot org to learn more a message from the partnership for drug free kids there's no better feeling than helping pet who needs some tender loving care nbc connecticut's heidi void asking you to support the shelter pets at the connecticut humane society or second chances are given visit ct humane dot org and see the faces of some of those who are up for adoption in newington waterford and westport these pets need you and maybe you need them your love and generosity heals the wounds of our furry friends inside and out visit gt's humane dot org and save pets lives brad davis radio show only on the talk of connecticut six minutes after five good morning good morning good morning everybody and how are you yes here we are a tuesday morning already and we are loaded with a with news first thing i'm gonna do though is get you the weather forecast at seven minutes after five o'clock a mixture of light snow and rain is what they're calling for this morning my friends precipitation will change to rain showers this afternoon the heiser fortyfive and tonight decreasing clouds lows around thirty and tomorrow mostly sunny and a little milder tomorrow highs near fifty four and right now we have got hartford at thirty eight waterbury of thirty six and then field at thirty seven degrees at seven minutes after five o'clock i invite you to join me let's start this program with our pledge of allegiance i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the.

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