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The result of these internal conflicts was the defense side at a hard time putting forward a unified throw on Gainsbourg on the Sunday English. The result of this was the occasional military disaster, such as the loved avert Noel on August seventeen forty, twenty four. A group of Scots allied to the fan at taking the town of oil by pretending to be English in leading some of their own countrymen is, but he's a nurse falling Ford Israel's, they Nabi tons of oil open. Their gates relies too late that in so doing that given up, they're down to their enemies. Not long afterwards. The Duke of bad for land about ten thousand soldiers take could a town. If French skull de shower meal for about fifty thousand went out to meet them. After an inconclusive archery do well about two thousand cavalryman for my own town of Milan where mercenaries in the defense army charged. The English normally handle this kind of situation by unleashing narrow store or the advancing cavalry, but they found out their horrors that derails couldn't Pierce. The superior are more of the Milanese mercenaries Milanez weapon makers were renowned all over Europe for being among the best than there are more swept particularly well-suited to resist direct hits. The Steelers three Milan called via Molino, the army which can be translated as weapon factory state was named as defy to distribution of weapon. In Milan. Helen cost or describe the Milanese mercenaries says a wall of muscle and bone in case the steel. They are charged seem to destroy the English lines. Manningly soldiers were killed in Manny flooding fear for their lies. Thinking that the battle was lost the surfing captain young ordered five, the men under his command twenty three. These was a decision that was not pressured by superiors later order to have him thrown an quart, Artis banishment for retreating. In walnut in about what thrown in quarter means while it was a formal fix accu- Sean, a witch to condemn would've is Johnny. Tells cutoff would be Diese Mbai weld beheaded. Andy score would be cut up four pieces. Something that was quite popular in England. But back to the battle, the Milanese raided the English baggage train. And by the time they made it back to the battlefield, they figured they would find the French army Victoria's and everybody fired him. But that's not what happened after the cover. The recharged that meaning English soul, there's and the French at goaltending. Any seen Lee brutal close quarter, fight, even Bedford himself, forgotten his signs. The rookie swinging to hand bull lacks that eliminated several Frenchmen from the gene pool. Man, I miss the days when political figures would swing to hand. The Polack says that she'll be requirement for holding office right there. The fight between Scots English was equally brutal with no one giving or asking for quarter semester might suggest about six thousand died on the French scout side with about sixty nine that had on the English side. Is bought out a nearly destroyed, the defense army. To make seeing Soir what was left of the French army lost a few Moore's mouldering gauge moments the English bargain, Dan idolize that aided as Moulvi ledge known as dominate me. Why am I even mentioned in at eight on alleged nominated by on the few peasant families because that village, as we will see, the next episode was the hometown of the lady was going to Al third course of the war, but were not yet threaded for Iran Thron onto the scene. In the meantime, French through completely demoralized their losses in the field. Coppell, we'd there being gun, they're paid..

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