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About 26. She's 29. Oh, she's 29. All right. In the prime. Not at the dawn of the prime, but in the prime. I think 27 to 31 is your window for like you're going to get the best years of this player. That's easily a trade worth doing for them. Well, and here's the thing because LA basically has a wide open book. They could go out and say, all right, who do you want Connecticut in any of these free agencies? And they can sign that player and then look to trade that player and making sure that and that provides with some flexibility in cap for both teams. I think they have a lot of heavy value that way. I also think the sparks might be aggressive in those moves because they know they're not picking up another star and a draft anytime soon. Right. So I think that's where they hold that and it's kind of do you center package around to Kennedy Carter? Do you believe you can't sorry my bad? Well yeah, again. Sorry, no. I got my wires crossed. My brain blew up. It comes down to how you package it, how you center everything down, but I think I just feel like it's a solid move. It could this be just me making up fiction, everything I say seems that. But I feel like there's definitely narrative there. That's my question. I think the only thing that could hold you off on the junko move just comes down to destination. Like where makes sense, but I think there are a lot of places that make sense. And I think if any organization gets a with that John quill Jones is on the move, you have to make one call. I ain't going to be really dumb of any team to not make one call. And just take a shot at it. So I'm intrigued to see where that goes. Okay. Well, that was a lot of fun. That was a lot of fun to get some takes on each of those buy sell rumors. Now obviously we are going to be diving much further into individual situations. We're going to be also coming in with some previews for the WNBA draft and some mock drafts coming your way. We've spent a good chunk of time tonight discussing free agency. We've had a lot of fun. Stay tuned. We've got a lot of other content that's going to be coming your way. Some more takes. And as the rumor mill churns, who knows, who knows, maybe we will keep you updated with the latest of our thoughts. But Steve and Logan do either of you have any parting something that we didn't touch on that you thought, man, we definitely got to hit this and we covered it pretty well. Is there anything that you got to bring up before we call it a night? I feel like I'm better at being reactionary than being predictive. I'll probably have a lot for you in about ten days. Sounds good. I think that's all my thoughts for now. I don't know about Steve. I just want to say that while this is going on, the NWSL is also in the heat of their own free agency, and there's already been some exciting spicy moves generational start to be leaving North Carolina heading to the Casey current. That's a huge one. Marta is staying in Orlando and angel city trading up for the number one pick

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