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Forest spokesman Andrew Mitchell explains the concerns of what might be affected if the virus isn't stopped Major recreation area as Crystal Lake that Danny also jumped a true too and there's a lot of private residences, recreation cabins over there, and it could make a run all way to the other side, the desert floor In a worst case scenario, the fire could even hit up to write for destroying homes and ripping through very dense forests. With a lot of already dead trees. Hopes are the airpower and camp Cruz will be able to blunt the advance, if not backfiring. Operations are always a possibility. At the Bobcat Fire, Pete Demetriou, Okay and extent. 70 NewsRadio Toronto Fire Burning to ukip is now 31% contained more than more than the 13,700 acres. Firefighters making more progress on the Eldorado fire burning in the UK pair. He had grown to more than 13,000 as we mentioned, but now 31% contained. We are continuing to monitor the Fire activity in that highway 38 corridor below Angelus Oaks. In the areas of Mt. Home, Village and force falls today We are expecting more stable weather, so we're hoping that will work to our benefit. Mathematically with Cal Fire tells Can IX. It's still very smoky in the area despite the progress being made. It's not clear right now when Maury Evacuation orders could be lifted. People who live in Riverside County and parts of Cape were allowed to return home yesterday. That is the fire that started Saturday at a gender reveal party. Some L, a county parks and facilities and programs inside there will be closed this weekend because of the poor air quality due to the fires. List of closures includes a regional parks like Eton Canyon and the Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area also closed boating, fishing, camping facilities, hiking trails. The parks and rec department says air quality will determine when the partial re open and you could check out the whole list. I just go into our website can extend 70 dot com. This year's 9 11 anniversary observance at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda will be different from all the ones that have come before. It's due to the pandemic. Of course, For one thing, no members of the public will be there for another only 50, sheriff, deputies. Firefighters and dignitaries are going to be there to attend, and they'll be physically distance in the outdoor amphitheater. Choir singers will be spaced apart, too, and a bagpiper will play from the roof video ceremony will be streamed. We have the link and can extend 70 dot com. Coming up on 10. 11 will check traffic for you and four minutes at 10 15, and we'll check out what's going on on the one on one in Hollywood J. Foreigner here, CEO of Rocket Mortgage Making The right financial decisions has never been more important. When you turned a rocket mortgage, we can help guide you to those right decisions.

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