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Forty eight minutes not many nba teams can have those kind of playmakers on the court at all times it makes them more dangerous and i'll say this about philadelphia they have the third best record in the nba since january first they are a team that can be really good defensively they can be a team that can be dynamic offensively they they can do a lot of things they are a team that i would not want to see in the postseason especially because yes they're inexperienced but at the same time they won't have any pressure and if they get marcal false to play good scott in one and a half playoff games it'll be a bonus that they weren't expecting yesterday that could end up being the difference in the playoff series searchers at home getting the win over the nuggets monday one twenty what oh four with markelle volts playing fourteen minutes in that one celtics top the sons one hundred ninety four celtics winning four straight five of their last six all without kyrie irving marcus smart gordon hayward all out for this one celtics holding their opponents to ninety six points per game over there last six hornets knicks big night kemba walker walker packs it up toward me court is he drags south with her screen it falls apart walker for three walker he's three eleven he was old for his first eight walker from the clock is up walker triple has a door is closed on new york wfan z hornets a one thirty seven one twenty eight win over the knicks kemba walker with thirty one points he's scored or assisted on twenty of the hornets last twenty three points hornets scoring twenty in overtime to match the franchise record and they get the win over the knicks who haven't won consecutive road games since january of twenty seven team lakers fall to the pistons won twelve one zero six lakers eliminated from playoff contention for the fifth straight season in their first sixty five seasons combined they missed the playoffs five times it's now been five straight years for the lakers sportscenter allnight espn radio odd to see the lakers missing the.

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