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Legal case which allotted them uh a wide variety of other than generous uh professional uh awards shaw claims would well within the definitions of their job responsibility it's the kind of an exceptional or outstanding example just in the sense that it is acquiring but uh can you see a number of other people poces we in two thousand is all suddenly claiming that they deserved uh some sort of uh compensation and light of a huge uh tang in the way that the power system distributes its attention on its concern and and guess what goes to court what's going to happen the judges are going to look at legal trusted and say well look of what they did up in the school district of winstead they gave a school superintendent didn't work a day all that money and legal president seems to indicate that's the way it should be fan can you imagine awad kamel legal log kerem were third chargers hopping from one legal case to another like lumberjack having to occasionally dynamite to haul logjam through kenner growing acada i don't i don't even want to go there michael dolan by day while regionalism is a wonderful concept up to a point but i don't know how bigger rapper we can get around the the other rappers it's just like when you go the convenience store and you're things i like to get a candy bar others to type i remember you pest a candy bar and thursday the suggestion look there's some candy and their busters all these other things as they built around it the rappers get bigger and the candy either stays the same forget smaller hill it's a real world quandary it has a quandary hey mike is always thanks for the coup attempt take care let's go to bob and southfield welcome to see thi other hill above i udorn good now white gert no you you've been mentioned above evolved marijuana you sir off are in there and y'all financial status of a state when you look at harvard have going on now it all lied when cranked up before i'd codger stood at i tell you what marijuana abdul and and we've had get money and taxes for marijuana there yesterday one one hundred million dollars robert is right but what about the entire bottle or they don't tell you the mental helguera's shoe is qasim a state known if in i read that some work and now wall street journal and you know as years go on and.

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