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Manager Seems like the easy way out. Put it that way and I would expect that both of them are are kind of walking the plank. This is like a do it this year or not kind of situation but Jacksonville is certainly certainly gone backwards. Since the year that they you know they were going to be the next great team in the NFL may beat the Patriots in week two or week. Three whatever Robert was of the following season then collapsed from that point on. Maybe I mean I wonder if it's the it's the God dementia factor if they get a B.. That's a really really good point because Minhsiu Menchu reminds me of fits in a way. He's great. He was great when he came in and creates a change in the atmosphere and stuff. But if you have a measure sixteen week quarterback is he actually going to be good enough to get you all the way or or a good portion of the way and that's always been the situation with fits in his best years he's taken teams to the first round of the playoffs. So you know. Probably his best season with the jets and the ad one real fits game in the in the first round of the playoffs. That's going to be. I mean that meant you could have a long and successful successful career like that just the way that fitzpatrick has because it's better than what a lot of guys can give you and certainly fits played a great game on on Sunday against the Patriots. But I'm not sure that he's the guy who's going to carry you all season long particularly if you're offensive coordinator or is is is not minhsiu friendly and trying to make a an offense. It's going to work for him and you can't really you. You could conceivably get the same offense to work for Nick foles and for mentioned and I think that's what DEF- Lippo tried to do At the start right but eventually teams caught up to men's shoes limitations and then you know then. He doesn't play for a few weeks and they surprised him. And it take.

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