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In the warriors? Are you concerned? Stuck in traffic, a buzz about the aura, the lack of a center shot selection down the stretch, these are all considered or do you just say James harden? That was stinking ridiculous. It was all of the above Murph because. Yes, it was ridiculous. But at the same time Klay Thompsons, right and Steph Curry's, right? You don't blow twenty point lead at home. Where are you with the aura of the team? Oh, it's it's considerably shrunken. Jill. At home. That's what I'm scared about these overtime losses. If we had to define why the missing what what's the number one reason is it is it just simply that it's too hard to be championship level sharp five years in a row we're expecting this team to glide into the NBA finals for the fifth consecutive season. Right realities gotta come in at some point. That's part of the story. Ron did it. The guys are getting older the NBA has caught up to a degree. They've kind of caught up. They know what the warriors, dude. They don't have a big man right now to contend with all these other big men that are having their way with the warriors. So I think it's it's a everything you said and other variables man, they we're just not used to seeing this team blow a twenty point lead at home, regardless of who it's against year five of an attempt to scale Everest five years in a row, and they did it three. They should have done it for. And now they're trying to do it for five, and we're seeing the sort of the the wear and tear on the on the on the backpack. Sure. For sure for a couple of weeks. I've been comparing it to that scene in rocky three before he has to fight clubber Lang when he's like, dancing and the convention center in Philly, and he's like kissing women who are coming up and mixed like, let's get out of here. Let's go back to the old gym get are either tiger back. Well, is a great again, we keep referencing are great caller, Casey. But he used to call them and say man, it was either Marvin Hagler or Thomas Hearns one of those two said is hard to stay hungry. When you wake up in silk sheets. It's hard to stay hungry. When you wake up in silk sheets. All right, Kent creek, the cache creek text line has all sorts of thoughts on this deal. Four awaits says I'll still take the warriors in seven over every one nine four nine says hardens about wing winning MVP's. The warriors are about winning champion. That's good. He can't play like that every game. Well, there you go out another another question nine to five hundred the rockets need forty four from Hardin who's playing out of his mind in overtime. Barely beat the dubs. I still believe the warriors in a seven game series. Not worried seven of seven I'm not worrying until someone beats this team in a seven game series four as I agree that hardens talent is tremendous. But he should probably let someone else say, bro. Probably not by the way in the middle of all this is seven oh seven. So is this far Han guy going to do anything about that? I don't know what to say. I don't know what to say about the far hunting anymore because literally nothing's happened. They've got a new scoreboard. We talk more about that than we have like actual one. Quite let me go to the phones. Here. We got worse called is is for him. Is he choke him? Is he just like sitting there? Sweat pouring down his going. I got the big job. What do we do guys are calling up proposing trades, and he's like, no, I can't do it dropped. There's no move to small on us. You know, we got the guy with six fingers. I don't I don't know. There you go. Mike is in Alameda says he was at the ball game last night and Mike you're on Camby are six eighty morning. Hey, what's up guys with my was a bitter pill swallow, I've been four games this year. They lost all four games at home. So I've seen some major problems. I think the la- late game execution with the big leaf. Specifically at home has been unfathomable all season up with a team of this much talent regardless of injuries..

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