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Hey everyone welcome to a special live episode of skimmed from the couch. I am so excited to be back from matt. Leave for this recording. It's been a huge week and we are thrilled to have a virtual audience joining us today for our conversation with rachel. Hollis rachel is a bestselling author podcast host and motivational speaker. You know her as the author of the hit book girl. Wash your face and her latest book. Didn't see that coming just came out last. Fall rachel you for joining us. Welcome to skip from the couch. Oh thank you guys so much for having me. We're gonna start with our first question. Let's have you skin your resume. What are the highlights. So my first job out of high school. I didn't go to college. My first job out of high school was actually miramax films. So back in the day when miramax was making good will hunting and emma and That was a bit of a trial by fire as you might suppose. I sort of hopped around production companies after that working as an assistant and then a coordinator and in the midst of that working in la and working in the entertainment industry was an incredible lesson on some levels and also pretty toxic environment on the other. And so i started to dream about what it would like to start my own company and be my own boss and after having a really crappy boss. I quit on a friday and started my company. Monday morning and back then. I was an event planner. So i had gotten my experience doing movie. Premieres press junkets. And i started to do those for brides and people having bought mitzvahs and someone's fiftieth birthday party. And i solely built that company up into what would become a high end luxury event business and it was really fun and it really fed my creative passion of designing spaces and the thrill of putting an event together and i started to get a bit restless and begin again to dream of something more. I started a blog back in two thousand eight which was sort of the heyday to have a blog and slowly than built that into a media company. So back then we wouldn't have used. We wouldn't have known things advertising or Putting things into your blog posts or talking about a certain product. But i started to kind of finagle my way and realized that there was a business there and that gave birth to the media. Company that i now owned today and i like to say you know my my job hasn't changed that much over the years. I have always just been trying to communicate with women in my community and my company and the things that i teach have evolved as i have evolved as a woman so i started writing a blog than i began writing books. Then i began writing about my life and all of that led to the things i've known for today which is speaking and writing and podcasts. Obviously as you just said so much of your life is out of the public on social media. What is something that we can't google about you that you haven't posted on instagram. That you see on my gosh so many things. Well okay. i'll tell you guys. I have not said this publicly but i'm really excited. I just finished my first screenplay. Congratulations thank you thank you. I literally cried when i wrote the last words. Because it's something. I dreamed about writing for a long time and as a writing is my creative outlet and started as an author in fiction and then somehow fell into nonfiction and kind of advice. And it's always been a dream to write a screenplay because i want to challenge myself a new medium so that was a big deal to finish. Who knows what will happen. And honestly i don't even care. I'm just proud of myself for finishing. Is it adapted from your books or is now really totally new idea. Yeah totally new idea. That's so exciting. Great way to start off the year. So i wanna We're going to go back into to how you grew. Up and tire stories started to evolve. We mentioned in our intro. The title of your book didn't see that coming. Your own story started with a tragedy that obviously you and your family did not see coming which was losing your brother to suicide and that loss is such an enormous part of your story in one start first of all despite using so sorry for your loss in also by asking if you could share with our audience just how that experience shaped you at such an earlier age and really shaped your resilience. Yes so When i was fourteen years old my older brother ryan committed suicide. He had struggled with mental illness for a kind of as long as i can remember was when i was little. I didn't really understand that. That's what was happening. But as i can look back as an adult. I understand it from totally different perspectives. I was fourteen. And i think that losing him in in that way would have been awful and traumatic no matter what but what sort of added so much more gravity to the situation was that i found him so i had not just the loss but also the ptsd of of that day in the morning and going through those things and wife shattering. I mean my family. My i think that my parents did the best that they could with the skills and the tools that they had but they didn't have a lot of skills and tools so it was already a hard childhood and this was sort of the thing that shattered Everything that was and trying to learn to deal with that. When i didn't have parents who knew how to help how to advise or to ask me questions or hey. This is who we should talk to. That just wasn't a resource that existed in my life so it was really hard to say the least

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