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Today is the result of six days of back and forth negotiations between Senate Democrats and the trump administration those on going talks ratcheted up tensions between parties in the Senate with Republican Lindsey Graham saying that if the bill wasn't passed by today senator should give up their paychecks bill Rakoff CBS news Washington senator rand Paul is defending his actions as he waited for his corona virus test results CBS news correspondent Steve Caton Kentucky senator rand Paul writes in USA today he did not quarantine while awaiting his covert nineteen test result because he didn't meet the criteria the only reason he says he got tested was because of extensive travel prior to social distancing and he says he's at risk for complications because of the removal of part of a long seven months ago Paul's test came back positive Steve Cason CBS news at the Vatican today the fact that he is sort of the the poll asking god to stop the corona virus pandemic the pope prayed from inside the Vatican Italy continues to have the most deaths of any country sixty eight hundred worldwide deaths are now approaching twenty thousand in the U. S. the death toll now more than eight hundred it seems everyone is it just in some way to the coronavirus crisis one of our CBS news correspondents reports from his dentist's office in Florida I'm Peter king it's hard for Dr Sophia party and not to be a little emotional it's just been tough but we we're okay she's been my dentist for almost two decades her small staff is like family to her and she's trying to see them through all of this by protecting them financially we're doing our utmost best absolutely not to lay anybody off and medically by wearing masks and gowns face shields the state says Dr Parr PA can only treat emergency cases for now that includes Mike busted temporary crown Peter king CBS news album on springs Florida on Wall Street today a day after the gala dal gained two thousand points it's up again way up again over eleven hundred points around a five.

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