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Am Buckle always believed because Sacha was such a big star. White folk knew who SATCHEL page was. That, he would not have gone through as much of the racial hatred that Jackie went through. But there's also to greater risk that a pitcher could fail and they, of course, satchels age and the showmanship and flamboyancy of Satchel page. Too closely adhere to that stereotypical depiction of those black athletes. And here comes Jackie Robinson who is polar opposite Did Jackie Robinson is you know has some cachet surrounding him because he had been an all American football player at UCLA. And so he's college educated. He had served in the military he's disciplined. He would become married to the beautiful Rachel. Robinson he is stable and so when Jackie Robinson walks into that dugout with the Brooklyn dodgers. Halley might have been the most intellectual being in the dugout and so many of these sudden born. Ballplayers were in the major leagues. Black man up close and personal for the first time and he's nothing like I heard they were. And so yeah, that was so important in this equation, it really was and so. You know admitted respect Satchel was the Negro Leagues. He was the Negro Leagues Biggest Star. But you couldn't take Satchel and that's why breaking very smoothly. Chose Jackie Robinson. It's Bullseye I'm Jesse Thorn. My guest is Bob. Kendrick Bob is the president of the Negro League Baseball Museum. I just wanted to give you a heads. That we aren't recording our guests in studios these days for obvious reasons, Bob recorded this interview himself from his home in Kansas City and at about this point in the interview Bob's recording equipment stopped working. Now Luckily, we had a backup recording of him talking to US via phone. So the rest of the interview will sound like him on the phone because that's what we have a recording of. Bob I think often the integration of major league. Baseball. Is told as a almost like a founding myth of Americana that it is a triumph of dispirit of America and. As often told it's a triumph of. All the young white people like my dad who were rooting for Jackie Robinson and branch rickey. Know an older guy who was looking for competitive financial advantage and maybe also. Fine with the social justice implications and and You know a and a player who was both an extraordinary player in extra by all accounts and extraordinary human being and fulfilled the role the singular role of that was asked of him to be a credit to his race in in quotes. But. There is also. The reality that when that happened. It's not like when they started adding A. Black Baseball players to major league baseball. They started adding white baseball players to the Negro Leagues or they started adding black owners to Major League Baseball So. What did we. Lose. When Major League Baseball Integrated and as the Negro Leagues Faded and eventually. Closed up shop in the late nineteen fifties well I. I'll be honest. I don't know if the African American community realize what it was losing when it lost or leaks because Jesse wherever you had successful black baseball, you thriving black economies and so what was good for the soul about country?.

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