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Minute there. I thought you were just reading list of words, I know, you know, many descriptions, no offense to you and your at all. But that sounds like it was written for John four Nov Kenji things. That's right. Three drama. Yeah. Yeah. It's like it's like a vocabulary list there. Classes several moments at thought I was back in high school doing my spelling words. But this this idea. Oh my goodness. That summary just nails perfectly. It's it's a really nice compact way to summarize three hours of amazingness. And we cannot forget the book ends on this one is another reason why it is a little long. Yeah. Yeah. Closing book into several several minutes. I didn't count exactly how long 'cause I'm just into it. You know, right. It's probably one of the longest closing book. Oh, yeah. Think ever? Yeah. Definitely. Well, here's a little teaser. This is not the same. When we played before. This is knee did cut. Good. Just in case. You haven't heard it yet. Here's a little taste of treasure of the secret co I'm cutting Hamilton this shit. I came across some scraps basil. Recent light is curious but the blades to come show it to you since they'd mentioned pinton Couve is their own. To better than one. The cargo. Say what? Thank you. Walter. The Bisset crushed against the rocks and all was little st-. Catch with destruction comet once again. If one force the other lift him up that we pray blessing over your union. I'm quite for every day to be reunited with Matt deal daughter. I recognized the futility of my own life put low to him that is alone when he falls. Is that the law of marriage? I hope it's a be the hot of our marriage to trust and love one another listen. Let your hearts be open. I love fews and the current but concerned what she must think. He's I seen and every day. Prayed..

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