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Did the league find you? It did. We had a hearing this past week. I'm hoping to hear something back any day. So hopefully I hear some good news about it. Okay, so how much was the fine if you don't mind me asking, Joe? I'm going to say about like 13 racks or something like that. 13 racks. And what coin what actual coin was it? What actually? I probably had the most shiniest quarter. You could pull that. So 25 cents turned into 13 racks is what you're saying. Okay. I'll tell you that was the worst investment ever. All right. And so what's your defense? When you say in your hearing, what did you say? To be real man, basically, you know, we was in a motion of state. Yeah. And I felt like, you know, with my teammates, we was basically just trying to shine and shed light on the situation. I mean, it was a lot of emotions going on all week. Our team was obviously flustered from that situation in terms of being in the field and seeing that and I feel like, in that situation, I think that was one way of us expressing and making light of the situation and really we shouldn't have been in that position, but we was and obviously survived and thought through it. So that was pretty much my take to it, man. It was no excuses, and hopefully I air back some soon. Okay. And so last one for you, period on this as well. Most important thing here is if the ruling comes back from the league, sorry, the fine stance, is ocho Cinco going to pay for it. Joe, is he gonna do? I'll talk to oto and he said, man, if they don't take it back then, he'll definitely write a check on you. So I was like, you know, I appreciate it, man. Well, just be careful. He has owed me a pair of debo's for 14 years, I think. You promised me them at a Pro Bowl in the late aughts, it's now 2023. So I know that it's not a $13,000 pair of shoes, but he still be careful with him. Be careful. If I see him, I might have, you know, bear hug him a little bit for you. Yes. Write me the stroke me that check and send the shoes to rich eisen already. Will you please do that from each other? We need to show I got you. And I appreciate you having us top of mind here on this Wednesday. Thanks for calling and good luck Sunday. Appreciate it. Right back at you. That's Joe Mixon. Cincinnati Bengals. Ocho Cinco better stroke that check is I don't believe the I was in an emotional state is going to I don't think that holds up. I don't know. Maybe they just should. 13 racks. Racks on racks on racks. What is it from rounders? The high society. Let me tell you. Racks on racks on. And I guess teddy KGB line could be sent towards ochocinco. Pay that man his money because I think it was ocho is idea. I think it was ojo's idea. He told him if you do it Joe, I'll pay your fine. Oh boy. Last game of the day. Last game of the last multiple game, Sunday of the year. The rematch Cincinnati and Kansas City. We got two more days to chop it up. The RE match. The RE match. Thank you. And we should make it about us. Why not? I know, I know that there's a tax company that paid to put their name on it, but it should be us. For nothing. You're an idea, man, TJ. I'll try to do. Well done. All right, when we come back, you know, he's an idea man as well. Somebody's not even yet a man in the eyes of the lord just yet. My 11 year old coupe. Cool. Some news on that front. Involving rookie of the year. Two more years, coupe. Don't miss it. Back here on the rich eisen show monster dot com knows that scoring your next job is just like a playoff moment from this past few weeks and the one that we're seeing this

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