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Detail after detail explained to the audience who hasn't seen this movie. What you think are the details that will be most ridiculous. Well, first and foremost movies called screwball. So it is a bit of a farce. It's a it's a comedy really is what it is one of our first sort of comedy, documentaries that we've ever made. And really, I think the to put it into perspective the fact that the highest paid baseball player of all time his career was ended over a four thousand dollar debt between a cocaine addicted fake, doctor and his fake tan addicted steroid patient, I think gives you some idea about era was just collateral damage in this. This was a beef between Tony Bosch and porter Fisher that that just brought down all of these major duty a baseball players along with him. But it is ultimately this Elmore. Leonard Carl hyacinth Coen brothers esque a botched kind of robbery it's a Carl hiaasen novel. It is something that is. Distinctly miami. It couldn't have happened anywhere else. But my did you see Tony wince when I said fake doctor? Did you see him wince as I said see him? Once you still don't like fake doctor. I mean, you had the lab coat. And it said Dr Tony about who think it's a comedy. Do you sit there because I watched and I'm like, this is a comedy. But did you think it was a comedy watching it? Or was it your way of being able to tell your story? And if you wanna laugh, you can laugh, but at least you're getting the details out there you want. Well, listen, it was a comedy. But the whole story was a comedy. I laughed all the way through over the years. I was I was laughing. So why not why not pick the right way in the movie? But were you laughing you aren't laughing once it was really coming down on you. Where are you? There was a dark period in there. So there was a very very dog period. Very Doug period for me, my family that lasted quite some time closer to years or more than that. And you asked me about the the common of fake doctor. And again, it is what it is. I'm not gonna I don't think my my purpose of being here. Today's really to defend myself, but I do have over twenty eight years of experience. I do have a doctor. Degree in allopathic medicine from the school performing arts like Tim O Frank like likes to say I did research for many years in this field. I worked with endocrinologist for many years in this field. Obviously that wasn't part of the movie, and I understand is a slanted lopsided filmmaker. Only interested in comedy didn't give your resume. Nobody wants to resume. Nobody. I know that I know that nobody wants my resume. It's all for entertainment purposes, to be quite honest. I don't get it. They say com- comedy is tragedy plus time. So I think that over time I think he's Tony's probably come to see the humor in it. And I will say this. He's not defending his resume, nor am I, but I will say that as Tony mentioned earlier the proof is in the pudding. He got results for his clients. This is not a business that Tony was advertising in the traditional sense out. There was no billboards. There were not commercials other no magazine heads it was word of mouth. So there were clients that Tony had that were getting the results they wanted that were coming to him to lose weight. Everybody was Ryan Braun. Manny. Ramirez the stories in the in the movie are hundred hundred cops hundred cop clients late people just in the community, and they were getting results, and they were telling their friends and their friends were coming to to be treated by by Tony Bosch that really happened. And so like, I said, I'm not going to sit here and defend myself, and I had two choices when I left prison when the second coming of Tony Bosch was going to happen. And I had to choice to run away from my password. Embrace my pass. I've never seen anybody grow from running away from their pass. So I made the choice to embrace what I did wrong. The short could site took who I was who I am now and move on and move..

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