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And this has to do with leader. Who actually we should say is playing quite well. Right scored a goal for sporting kansas city in to victory over l. Afc but then he shows us the wound Oh my gosh. This is actually a reminiscent of tequila center. Remember when he Posted a similar picture on social. You have one of these from your career. What actually that. Lozano injury was michael the. Us men's asked him when he was playing from. I recall that injury. I listen all players. Have these things happen. It shouldn't limit them too much. There's talk of him. Maybe being dropped. I don't think it's gonna go that we don't know. Because these things can reopen resurfaced. But it's a shame because he's quietly putting on quite a show and not just this season he's got six goals. One assist this season but in the last twenty three games played. The man has twelve goals six assists. He's been as good as advertised. And here's the kicker last season sporting kc the best team in the west this season only behind seattle which is on remarkable just blowing things out of the water. He's that good. The highest transfer fee in sporting. Kansas city is quietly making a case for himself. Being the best one of the best. I should say mexican players In the legal one of the best mexican players that's played in major league soccer sporting kansas city. Peter vermes they've been waiting waiting for that number nine to kind of finish off their formation for a long time. Believe obviously right now seems to be very much. The perfect fit for that team is. They're playing really well all right another ugly incident and probably hurt. You could argue. The should've been ugly from the weekend. That wasn't major league soccer. Mls now launching an investigation into allegations of a racist comment directed towards portland. Timbers diego chata in a match between portland and minnesota united over the weekend a coding according to pri which is the professional organization the referee and match officials didn't witness or hear any comments so they couldn't issue any sanctions on the field. There's kind of two sides of the story right now timbers Manager gio saba said. A discriminating word was used. He said he's quote extremely disappointed. Minnesota united herkus come out with a statement saying there player who they didn't name. The player involved quote denied making any derogatory remarks. So it's kind of a. He said he said. And we await Further investigation and the announcement of what comes out of that investigation from mls franken funding. Is the player. That is rumored to be involved. He denies we should say this way her on the video the closest to the incident. You we see the video you can see that. He's the one most likely to be involved from minnesota back then. I already heard things from people that i've spoken to people. Within the minnesota organization surrounding both parties should say where some of ghana's far say. Well it's one of those things that doesn't mean that in south america diego chargers from columbia germany someone s who took offense this is from venezuela so though that out the window what i will say is. It's an unfortunate incident that we're still having to deal with these things in twenty twenty one and it worries me to get into the point within major league soccer that if nothing's done they'll keep happening and what i mean by this. This isn't the first situation that portland's had with a racist comment adama demanded when he was at c. Accused gutman something similar and pulling came out and back there player and when there were findings of no no evidence i could share to determine that goes. Monnet actually said this. They acted as if it didn't happen because the wasn't enough evidence to prove it. We're getting into a slippery slope now and nothing's being done we come out with these we come out with these initiatives we come out with these different things mechanisms to try to help the cause and nothing happens nothing that stood out to me quite as much as when you touch back on culture which is something that you mentioned before when we talked about the homophobic chant. There's sometimes this defense of oh it's a cultural thing to understand now here it again. Potentially here being used as oh well. It's a cultural thing. This word means something different. If your defense is that it was cultural then what really needs. Defending is your culture. You cannot use that as your fallback. That cannot be the explanation for why you've been accused of using a derogatory term simple as that right and the less needs to step in and make sure that these don't happen anymore. Let's transition right. Let's get.

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