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To Pasadena, California and learned to play the guitar. And an additional number of other instruments or by year apparently never had any formal training, and he has been raided by many the greatest guitarists of all time. We'll be talking about that later on in the show. But it is interesting because he had throat cancer. I had a third of his tongue removed, struggled for quite some time. Before his passing yesterday. And interesting because tonight all eyes will be on Salt Lake City's Salt Lake City. We will have the continuation of the debate. Siri's We're not yet sure about debate Number three that is still scheduled to take place in Florida Debate Number three is actually two in the series involving the president of the United States and Joe Biden. He has gone on record as saying. I'm not going to debate the president if he still Corona virus positive. Sorry that I'm late. Curtis. The bathroom was packed. Well, that's the problem and wait in line. Ladies bathrooms. They never seem to have enough room. We'll know Curtis. It's because it's upstairs. It's upstairs because the bathroom that is closest to us is being worked on. So you have to like Take the elevator, you know, And there was actually there are a lot of people know there's a party will cute party in the lid a properly socially distance jets today. Well, well, they really can't really help but not feed, but they were wearing their masks and when they flushed when they did their flush, remember, we would told party ran. They ran like their lives are depending on well to ensure that that will not take place on the stage. And so Lake City between vice president Pence And vice presidential candidate, Senator Harris, California They have actually separated the candidates by a full 12 ft. So you know how it's always been, said Cuomo will say, What was 6 Ft. Separated 6 FT. Separated. Well, they've double that to 12, especially since the CDC just the other day said. Hey, that particulate I can hang in the air for a month of Sundays. And in addition, they built the Plexi glass partition that separates both which I think was first used in that very caustic debate with Lindsey Graham between Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and his Democratic challenge it Jamie Harrison. It is 50 50. When you look at all the polls that could go either way, and if Jamie Harrison wins That would be momentous. In terms of history, you would have to African Americans representing South Carolina as U. S Senate has won the Republican Scott One the Democrat Harrison that would be history in the making. It would be, But yes, there will be plexiglass. Apparently the pens. People were not happy about that. You know, The reason that they gave was that Eunice is the public reason that they gave. They said that You know, there's no reason because the vice president has not been around President Trump, although he has been around some of the other people that have since come down with Cove it, But the real reason was that he felt his people felt that it was going to be a constant reminder of the president's fallible. A situation which is I think it's a bit silly, and I think it's just a smart thing to do to have the plexus flexi glass. Why not? And in the meantime, there is still an ongoing debate as to whether there should be a debate second round between Biden and President Trump Originally, Joe Biden said, Showa Sure, no problem then, he said. As long as the president is cleared with a clean bill of health that he no longer is infected with the Corona virus. And that seems to have created somewhat of a backlash in social networking. Um, here's my question to all of you. Please explain to me why this is even an issue. If the president or anybody else is infectious. There is positive with Corona virus. Why would we have Anybody around, said person That doesn't make any sense to me. It seems like there shouldn't even be discussing minutes. Of course, they shouldn't have it. If the president is still dealing with Corona virus late later, we're going to discuss the president desperately wants to get back into the West wing, even so much as considering becoming the bubble boy. Where anyone coming in or out would not only have a Hashmat soon on rush parade, their gloves almost look robotic, the way astronauts or sometimes help with Hey, is willing to go through all of that to get back into the West wing toe work, assuming he was still Infected. Couldn't you just zoom in in? I mean, every anybody, everybody zoom, zoom zooms in. Well, that would have the mute button right? They commute him. That's true. Well, they could both do a zoom. I mean, it would be silly for a bite and to have to stand there or, you know, against an empty stage that would look ridiculous. And I also think it would be terrible optics and unfair to the president. But why not? Why not do a zoom? We're all forced to do it well on also, it would sort of set what the time has become Most people communicating now. Through their laptops. I mean, think of it. That'd be incredible. You would be making history. It's a town hall meeting, so it's different than what we saw with Chris Wallace. Or what is scheduled to be the last debate or even the debate tonight in Salt Lake City, which just one on one Apparently there will be a number of citizens. I don't know how they pick him. Who will be asking the questions if that second debate between the president and Biden takes place? Because he's already been controversy about two people supposedly were in town hall meetings who is supposed to be independent and autonomous, and now they've determined that some of them actually in reality, we're not autonomous and independent by that, already basically made their decision in other interviews, but let's hope it up our phones on that 1 808 full rate of you, ABC. That's 1 800 people rate 9 to 2 to. Yeah, I mean, I think I think it's just realistic. I mean, look, if it was Biden, who had tested positive and who was infected into who had been in the hospital Would say it would be silly to even discuss this. If Biden it's still infected. We shouldn't have a debate or it shouldn't be an in person debate. I mean, I don't understand what how that could be even an argument if you were in hospital. I don't wish that upon him, But let's assume because he's going to be tested again. Cause he was in that same auditorium where the debate took place with the president will talk about Rudy being tested again. As I tried to shadow win last night. We were like two ships passing in the night. He's going to be touched it again. But for tonight, Pence's passed tests Harris's pass test other than if they fail a last second test before they enter that stage. There will be some prime opportunities here for both candidates to score points for their standard bearer because I have a feeling that with Harris and it a Harris will do as much as she can to veer the debate towards Corona virus, which is playing well to the Democratic polling and health care. And naturally, Pence will really go at her for the praise that she's given to black lives matter, having praised them just two weeks ago. The brilliance the impact of black lives matter. Protests. Deeming them necessary and they must continue. And so the question would be well Do they continue? If you happen to become Vice President Joe Biden becomes oppression and with a good when they took place when Obama was president, and Biden was vice president. In both Ferguson, Baltimore and shot well, I think she's going to have Tio clearly make a distinction..

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