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Yeah at one hundred percent agree. I'll just i end by saying this when you look at loki as the central character Putting aside movies and silvy when is located whole arc in the show is to come in he learns about the time keepers and his goal instantaneously is to dominate them right. And that's the part that i think falls flat for me is his motivation in this whole scenario that they've queued up throughout the series loki survived lucky survive and he's supposed to evolve beyond surviving into something more. I don't buy the pressure around him. Like the motivation of Survive around Around him i will say the thing that struck that really kinda you know locked into place my viewing of this series though is i was approaching this as a doctor who series from the get. Go out yeah. And then adam. Rogers wired writer friend of the show Mentioned he's like this is more like the prisoner. And when i thought about it that way. I'm like oh yes. It's so much like the prisoner. In a lot of ways there's a little more action low more little less mystery of the prisoner is a really good mode for how this shows operating in in that way Can kind of understand his motivations a little bit better but it still like they didn't quite nail that are the timekeepers an invention of this show or did they exist in the marvel universe before the the three lizards they exist but not like this and not in there. They're not like a major set of characters. I will say but they are an all powerful like cosmic kind of set of weird being said do something with time but but they're not like dan knows who had you knows had tomes written about them. They're like very side care got it. they don't have vehicles that yes. I agree with all the above. I think john hodgman pointed out the a some of the show are pulled out of doctor who episodes so there's definitely that blended doctor who the prisoners are really good analogy That it's maybe has surreal aspect. Maybe the i wish lucky more unsettling in that way But you know things do feel like they're going to butt up at least for the characters that we see on screen route going to get into the mcu. Are they like an into into the movies. Right it's what else what else everyone at some point. We'll do their turn in the mcu. Speaking of which this is also the release week of black widow. And i know the three of us talked about this being an anchor point of wanting to a milestone for wanting to go back to theaters and watch it. Is that going to happen for any of us for me. I can say unfortunately no with a new more in the house or problems gonna pay thirty bucks for the premiere access and watch it at home on friday norm. You know very well..

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