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Thanks because the names I'm going to say next. Oh Peres seventy two. Yes Kirk seventy seven yes yes willfuller is eighty three. Yes good best ballplayer. I think Davis could be a good baseball play. I draft a lot of Dede Westbrook. Where's Tyler Lockett in their ease way higher especially in best ball? He's fifty fourth fifth round. I think that's probably too low. I think around for pick okay cool so that's a good question from Eram thank you we are the team set. Apparently I'm not in that. Here's an email from of it when a plan comes together. Does that what they say. Maybe ah that shows turbo food don't have best shows here. I bet if you watch it now. I bet if you watch it now that it doesn't know the whole like three or four shows from my childhood and they're all still I'm you like stranger things. You will like dating yeah the no name on this one Dave. Let's go with Frank Brum Basaglia California team in game of thrones declared flavored handed him dear Dante Randy Chris and Jake Vikings <hes> Jake Reed. I'M GONNA tend Team Dynasty League. What do you think about the friendship strategy of drafting Akeem Butler and Andy Isabella he by the way he also order he also has Christian Kirk those Argon Isabela well no those he already has kirk dies <hes> I mean look i? I still think there's a lot for ca-came Butler to accomplish but if you're thinking of this year plus potential long-term it could be as about Johnson right the fear going to pair up colonels receivers way to go if you want to do that. Keyshawn is going to be available in the fourth round right. It's kind of interesting though because we're bowlers the song it's a good it's a good question. It's a good strategy because in a dynasty league if you take a wide receiver in the second round in the third round of the second round in the fourth round and one of them hits. I think you're going to be happy so dedicating both of them you know putting them on the same. N._F._l.. Team the friendship strategy there I actually I think that's pretty cool. I like it right now the A._D._p.. For those guys according to fantasy football calculator Isabella is still going Butler still going top twenty bowlers at Twenty Isabella's. Bill is twenty one and Johnson Comic Keyshawn is not registering A._D._p.. With them which only goes through forty two players okay. Let's take a quick break here on fantasy football today more emails the fantasy regulators when we come back oh yeah this is Brian Campbell with a C._B._S...

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