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A you come in here making me look crazy and he went should because the episode before that will not is when he brought his wife out to the other artists and was like this is my wife she guo until you y k work with chu was not quite as you know what i got the issue this is made me the go one last question oh nilaweli we've onto the wound and segment do you think that you can stay with someone until they get over those fears and this goes both ways i if you have those fears yourself because we rob who fucked over do you think someone can stay with you in almost say he'll you out of it and vice versa do you think as possible and how so i think that overtime people understand the consistency equates to kind character some weather relationships is so as people are consistently patient and consistent willing to offer of certain types of explanation sometimes you can kind of quiet that fire with does no no no x y z whatever nawaz will take the patience of literally shoal in the bible but it is possible i do i believe is possible do about you i think it's possible know how likely i am to come across search i'm not entirely sure but i believe it's possible there's possibilities how likely that someone would be patient with are likely the you'd find someone you'd be patient with both definitely both because uh that's for you to destin as on grow older i feel like when i was younger be lie way more patient then i am now like now i just don't really want to deal with an if i feel like i have to deal with the then i'm not going to after like we should just leave because it.

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