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So you haven't out from that horrible comments you made about people who cut hair. And yet you're just continuing to dig your way further down into the ground, Like some sort of Go for it, but she wasn't a she didn't pass studio. Fancy stuff. He just cut hair. It's okay. She she's obviously missed out. She's obviously worse off of the two of you close with her live in the Bahamas and you Sitting on top of your mountain of hoarded ketchup packets. By the way, Dad during the brace sauce. Oh, yeah. Oh, dude, I don't know if you saw during the breakdown. I was walking with clothes to the break room and There's a pile of ketchup packets in the break room on the counter there. I saw you saw those. I saw those yesterday. I I saw those yesterday and I thought about club. I wondered. Is he going to snatch these? What's I just left him? He's I them today. Yeah, but I'm unsure about the big of the ketchup shortage right now, look again upon catch reporting. I've got about 40 in my junk door right now, and you realize that's not enough. I know. What club? Did you realize? Not enough? There's no actual like you no immediate need to hoard ketchup. Well, I was just going by what the news said. But I mean, the news was saying that you know there might be something or other There's a shortage on Porta Potties right now, to be kind of hard. Those I can't fit it in the car on, actually, Now that I think about it, I saw those I saw those ketchup packets, uh, in the break room like a week ago. You like practicing some sort of like self control thing close, so the deal is I realized that I can't get us much money for them As I thought I was, I see. So you've decided to divest in ketchup packets and instead of taking your profits and ketchup packets and putting them into what Chick fil A saw stock. Is that still a deal too? I don't know. I've never had an issue getting it. Haven't either. I think at this point, though, I think there's basically a shortage of almost anything. So if if you need something, go ahead and buy whatever amount of it that you can now because their supply chains shortages everywhere. So Like if you need a bolt, get get get to bolt, if you need, you know, a chick fil a packet. They may only give you one per your orders, I think is what we read last week. But if you ask for another one, they'll probably still give it to you. One of the new things this makeup isn't a shortage, I think well, yeah. Yes, we went from having essentially her. It was like a White house economic something or other advisor yesterday, said Overnight, we went from having a shortage of masks and a surplus of make up to now the opposite. Now we have a surplus of masks and a shortage makeup. That's just the sort of funky nature of the market. Even so, it was it was Right there. Was watching on the Today show yesterday, their financial expert was saying a lot of that same stuff, saying, because you have all these people that are now about to go back into the workplace. So Now. Ah, clothing prices are are going up because people need new clothes to go back to the office, especially because some of those people look a little bit different than they did You know, year too, you know, 14 months ago. Maybe they're thinner. Most of them were bigger, so they need new clothes that actually fit to go back to the office. Plus all the other stuff that goes along with it. Like Makeup, hair supplies all that kind of stuff, grooming kit type things. I understand that thing about in your car where you have to actually go out and, you know, get your oil change your tires rotated because he's been sitting in the garage for a while. That doesn't make any sense to me about grooming kits and stuff like that. Like what did you throw away? Your nail clippers assumes the virus hit Is that what's going on here is like I don't need these anymore. They just threw him off the balcony and just let them rust or something. I don't know. It's look, I don't get some of this stuff, and none of us do because Because here in North Texas, we didn't have some of those strict lockdown measures that other states and other cities had help. Remember back. Remember back to Europe? When they were having their balcony concerts because they all live in these small apartments that are like 67 stories tall and they live in the small apartment, and the guy gets out there this piano and serenades everybody else from their balconies. And they did that for like 23 months. Meanwhile, in Texas, it's like, Dude, we got alcohol to go. Yeah, you're not going to work, but you can still go places. So for us, it's kind of hard to wrap our brains around some of this stuff. E thinking, yeah, with alcohol. I think it's funny because the state of Texas who was abbot, the governor, then He's been the governor, like five years. Cloquet anyway, it's quite awhile. Did any liquor store closed down during the pandemic? No liquor sales went through the man. Liquor stores were booming at the beginning of the pandemic. God knows I was one of I was helping because I didn't know Because of the uncertainty. I didn't know how long you know we were going to be on lockdown. So I still remember that first trip to Goody Goody. I went and got. I think it was four bottles of whisky. Three bottles of vodka, a couple of bottles of screwball. And and mixers and just anything else that I think we might need just just in case. It was in short supply in like a month. That way, I had more than enough to get us through a long stretch of time. Yeah, because things were still kind of escalating, and usually I could walk into the liquor store. And even though it's kind of uncomfortable, I can put it all in my hands. I go right.

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