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You know if you're a great chicago there's wanting back yes and you can't acknowledged that walter payton was the greatest chicago bears linebacker water peyton is probably the greatest chicago bear you had to say either payton her buckets okay laura and you don't have to say that but that you can say kevin butler because he's awfully cool um but but walter payton is the greatest maybe wanna graves football players ever grid of care and gayle sears didn't want to acknowledge him didn't want to acknowledge that and like i don't know how you kids that deal that there some jealousy factors at a higher i can i can only i'm not i don't have a degree and i do have a degree yes it starts at black voters yes yes yes who taekwondo ju yes um but i i would have budget sue but that how she that's your why that's why you're you and on me what you did suu credit though yes i forgive want which i could you do the um so i guess shares which is like anti walter payton how can any would be enter walter payton much less the guy who did this for a living a knows a tough that is very isn't sandy garcia and you hear call him out on i could just gale sale great gale sears six touchdowns one game i know against guess was at was they spectacular player an a kansas jae hak ja very rare rural jail yeah although and i you know i i met him when i was a teenager going a kansas fear and even when we were a place like to get autographs and he would not sign an autograph and um you know it is the that's crazy yet of the business guy joe kelman who had this charity the better boys foundation out and lawn day on the bear boys foundation did so many great things they give out the nfl awards at this dinner and buddy hackett would hosted and all these great football players were there and you would get footballs and part of the deal was you know you need the money would be all godal tip better boys foundation and then you would get to meet these great football players will sign you put paul and i went right to us all the.

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