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Well. Three. Oriental pizza. June of nineteen of twenty sixteen. The Los Angeles Times said the term oriental is outdated, but is it racist, and it says, no, it's not insulting while if the New York. More. So no. It's all right. Okay. Thank you. A lot of racist. Yeah. Thirty eight in the morning. Goodness gracious. Yes. Because it might be politically incorrect. We would want to do that. Say that war too. An Asian people. So far. Okay. Rick, or Richard or Jeff. Telephone. The US government. So, so. World War Two. So, so there was a. A thing going on where do they fit? Do they fit black or they fit white? Okay. No, I know what you're saying. So the government officially came out and said, Asians, were white or. Okay. So I'm going to. They weren't being segregated. I'll piggyback on a story. Thank you. Bye. Good friend of mine. A lot of people know him as a professional baseball player Korean okay? Retirement doesn't Greg. Heroes. You saw the pictures. Narrow. Say Mr. the did he play for the giant? Right. And hoosers pictures willy Willey may. So. Willie Mays at that time. He's still. Got lighter. Got you on that one because he was oriental or Korean. Got a commercial break here. Just. Right now that I have no responsibility for. So they didn't know put them together. What you're saying in World War Two because at some places were segregated right? Blacks and whites Asia's. No, you're, you're white, right? But they didn't. With. Didn't seem to work out. Isn't it off somehow our country? And, you know, for people to keep bringing up at such a racist country, we are furthest from it. If you go to other countries all my now, wait a minute. Here we. Yeah. That is ecumenical statement that has a lot of Borodin. Sweeping. Kept going to wipe them all out. Fifty grand? There's nobody nobody in this room could have spelled it wouldn't have gotten it. Very subjective. But there's no doubt about it. There is racism. So if we state that we've come so far, and that we've eliminated so much that gives you impression that still doesn't need to be done to repair areas where there is profound races. And the racism is not necessarily just geographical within the four walls of homes everywhere. And if we have a mindset that says, we can relax, we can step back, and we've moved so far. And we're not this to be honest with you. I think it's, it's more of a Sav than really the truth. Wow. I don't think I said that. Okay. I just said that we've come a long leading exactly who say that. We're not hundred percent. Okay. More countries are a heck of a lot worse than we are. We are more accepting. I wasn't getting into absolutely is still racist. That's without a doubt, if we're gonna talk globally. That's a very understood right statement. Very obvious statement master. But when we talk about our own country, we need to be more specific. That's all okay. That's. This is really good wine. It certainly is. Thank you. All right. Rick's not try it too many drugs. Wow, really. Three different things. Kind of insulted, probably not. At least a quarter of the bottle left. Over here. Take that break. Now. All right. Have you liked to jump in five to one eighty three eighty three? And if you don't understand, we'll be back in a moment. Real quick fam- up their game. If you're thinking about maybe a romantic night out with lava. Go ahead and enjoy the beautiful scenery of DC. You gotta take out the wavy free design their ships from the refinements in lighting and textures to the remodeled dancefloor and bar space bar and not to mention minimizing fuel consumption and emissions..

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