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The fans going to be just you know it doesn't matter you got here you lost it well since scuba nine partners took over infested is not only infrastructure and fan base things but that it took the team of daily number one or two of the minor lakes uh their international office was struck a cause of physical ability they can go pick up the key play here or there and the last three years it was very close couldn't quite gives you the nlcs which is the case your full stance and the frustration so everybody anticipated this year would you look at the composition of change that it was a world series championship potential change uh to get there were there to win it is what's your goal should be i mean the first day of spring training there's the skipper has remaining in the closet and he goes around the every man if they don't say if he says watch your goal this year each one of those say it will be shifted it's a team sport that's the ultimate prize and somebody asked me today what was your your biggest highlights and i said at eleven fifty nine game 6 uh 1980 wanted yankee stadium reggie jackson's standing was the first space with two outbound on the night got a big lead he says garbage your turn then here that great seventy seven world series and and i said thanks rich x pitch by balkany landreau and this rations begins in your world champion and there's no feeling 'why did a lot of these guys most of these guys have never entered world series so that's the first step but this is a heavyweight fight uh you saw houston comeback last night with uh uh what the short so to speak you know there's this world series all off the air we're living in is going to return home run but i can see it yeah i thought it was gonna go four seven i'm picking seven now uh at home with the dodgers heavily chances on the math now with two out he walks the guy and all of a sudden roberts comes out he goes looks as a pen here comes kerscher on these strikes upegui overall cheer so uh sure it's hollywood always wanted to be a script writer but that sounds pretty good it's very specific and if that happens.

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