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50% all components on your first deposit, bet online, where the game stats. Speaking of the tournament, I spent my entire weekend watching it for work. It was actually a lot of fun. It was so much happening. So many games, so many upsets, love this time of year for that stuff. Make sure you go over to bed online and bet on all the games because sweet 16s coming up. Next week and you got the women's tournament too. So a lot of good stuff. And you got the new, it's not March Madness, but the college hockey bracket is now out. No BU unfortunately. I was hoping that you would be in it. I knew they wouldn't be obviously after the weekend. But I was hoping that down the stretch B you would make a run for it. But unfortunately, not there. Alas. Alas. There are a lot of Massachusetts teams, though. You mass Harvard, UMass Lowell, northeastern, doesn't matter. AIC. As fast as college, nobody you know BC. Unfortunately. Unfortunate stuff. Anyways,.

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