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Is being tested legionnaires can happen when water vapor that contains the bacteria is inhaled it was back in two thousand fifteen twelve cases of legionnaires in coop city were linked to contaminated cooling tower i'm lisa g for seven ten w o rta chairman joe lhota is troubled by friday's incident in which a pit bull attacked a woman on a subway train onboard any any of our subway systems is a violation of the law and the person who does it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law video posted to social media the leash dog can be seen binding a woman sneaker on the number four train s riders tried to make it let go the mta prohibits dogs on subways unless kept in a proper carrying case but in this case witnesses said the owner let the dog take a seat nypd investigating and still looking for the owner of the pit bull after remaining silent for days the former port authority commissioner caught on tape rating a cop is now apologizing and commissioner thank you karen turner was a commissioner with the port authority of new york and new jersey before resigning after dash cam video surfaced of her getting into it with a police officer at ten to fly her daughter had been pulled over and her car was set to be in pounded you may not tell me to take my child she says it was just a case of her emotions getting the best of her but she insists she didn't violate the code of ethics and didn't ask for special treatment turner ended her statement saying she hoped ten a fly pd would review their tone and de escalation training to avoid future incidents james flippin for seven ten w o r identity of the man believed to be the notorious golden state killer is now being revealed sacramento county district attorney ameri shubert says investigators have been searching for this suspect for years many have dedicated their entire professions to seeking this answer for many of us it was more than a professional commitment it became personal joseph di angelos accused of twelve murders and over forty five sexual assaults across the state between nineteen seventy six and nineteen eightysix the former exeter and auburn police officer was arrested yesterday and booked into the sacramento county jail this morning the now.

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