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Notes. All right let's do an impeachment update. I had a quick impeachment update. But that's not possible these days It's an impeachment update so so both the house. Democrats and Kupperman lawyer have filed responses to the White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney request to be added to copper mines lawsuit seeking guidance on how to respond to a now withdrawn congressional subpoena for Kupperman and both the House and Kupperman filed responses opposing the request by Mulvaney the House Democrats say Cummins Cases Moot because they withdrew subpoena for Kupperman and governments lawyer says says Mulvaney has no claim to immunity. It ain't because he waved it when he told the world. In a press conference there was a quid pro quo among other things. So being by speaking publicly Cooper who is governments attorney a saying that Mulvaney waived his right to absolute immunity which doesn't even exist in the first place but if it were we don't need to even go into the court case for it because he spoke publicly thereby waiving that right if if it exists which it does not. The judge has yet to rule On this on whether Mulvaney join the lawsuit suit. This just in Malvinas filed a response to the responses to the response in the Federal Court. Saying he's no longer going to try to insert himself into the Kupperman case but will instead filed his own lawsuit against the trump administration seeking guidance from federal judges to whether or not he can testify. The White House has released a statement saying this is a non adversary lawsuit and trump and mick or still. BFF's but mulvaney likely is feeling very worried about becoming Senate protect US becoming a fall guy here. Sure so I don't understand why he doesn't just speak to shift maybe ask for immunity and tell the truth Going to court is totally unnecessary and a ruling would offer them no protection. They broke the law. He could easily testify and You know that he could testify that he was just doing. Trump's bidding and be treated much better than obstructing and being all fucking weird like is same with bulletin Kupperman. But something. That's interesting here is a lot of these news. Outlets are saying he you know he he. He's worried that he could be the fall guy. But there's really no such thing thing is a fall guy in this case because trump is the fall. Guy Trump release the transcript. The transcript proved that he bribed and extorted the president of Ukraine. And so I don't even understand Dan how it would be possible for anyone else to take the fall for this well especially in case of Mulvaney you know I mean I know he went out and defended him but in terms of how this all went down over the last few months as far as I know Mick Mulvaney is on implicated directly in any of this other than protecting him in standing for him. Well he did actually offer make the offers. I according to vitamin and Hill okay That the meetings were contingent on okay. So that was him. Yeah okay so name. Sometimes I lose track but Mulvaney was supposedly and and seemingly directed by the president to do so and only Mulvaney can say whether or not he was because all everyone else who's testified said. Yeah there was a quid pro quo. It was improper aide was withheld that's illegal And we all raised concerns But nobody is going to be able to testify to the direct you know ask ask from Trump to Mulvaney or trump to Giuliani or both except for Malvina Giuliani and may be Bolton But but the thing is and this is what Democrats are saying. And we don't care and we don't need it because trump said it and released it releases own transcript generally and Mulvaney said Yeah. He did this on live television. So and and trump himself on live television asked for for the investigation into the Biden's and then ask China for the investigation into the Biden's. Yeah it's all out there so we don't need mulvaney any to tell us it was trump's idea the only possible defense here is that Mulvaney Giuliani cooked. All this up and forced the president to do it which is what trump is now saying. They made me do it. Except he's not saying Mulvaney. Giuliani made him do it. He saying the media made him do it. So it's an interesting angle to take a head to process that. For a second the media made him obstruct not they extract obstruct not extort. But I mean so. That's the only thing I can think of is. If if if Mulvaney Giuliani were to say yeah we cooked all this up. The president had nothing to do with it and we forced him to say that does Alinsky on the call so that we could get. I don't know I don't know it's it's wilder now I also like I was hearing on the way over on. NPR on point someone was saying the challenge for Republicans. Right now is that. It's not just good enough to like quietly support. The president it's not or it's not just good enough to keep silent like he's demanding that Republicans go out and say the call was perfect and he he asked nothing sort of that is loyal enough. He asked Barr Bar to do that. More refused. He asked Well and we know that I mean this is just a common thing that he does as you because when I think it was Sunlen told it was either you von Aventure Hill. I think it was yovany rich. No I think it was hill that in order to save nope we Ivanovich in order to save your job you have to go. Bigger go home tweets. Nice stuff about exactly. You can't just work quietly with your head down just such bullying when it comes to Mulvaney. I'm curious what specifically do you think is the reason he's filing this cordial lawsuit. This friendly Lachey do you. What do you like? What are your Rabin's on that in terms of this specific cities training angle illegally? I honestly think he's just trying to protect himself and I'm not sure from what exactly in less it's a double. Cya because here's normally what happens is you'll say hey we need you to testify. Mulvaney will be like. I'm not comfortable with that. Because the White House told me not to testify and they go. Okay well you know we. We really want you to testify voluntarily. Tell you what send me a subpoena. And then I'll I'll show up and this happened with ours win you know. We tried to get their trump's financial information from them. They were like we're happy to hand it over but we need a subpoena to to provide us legal cover so that trumps trump can't sue US et Cetera and trump is really GIS right so maybe mulvaney things trump might might sue him for violating a non-disparagement or a nondisclosure agreement or or for testifying outside of absolute immunity unity or something like that. That's all I can think of other than maybe as just a delay tactic on behalf of the administration either or I mean it could be means of protecting herself if he does choose to give testimony to the Democrats because trump wants this thing to go past Christmas or not necessarily Christmas but he wants it to go go on long enough to allow bar time to release his report about his investigation into the oranges of the Russia. Investigation and the molar solar probe He wants to give him time. I think here's what I honestly think. Bar has anything he you know because MM Berman and Horowitz the the Department of Justice Inspector General and This guy who are. Durham Durham Burnham. Durham the fucking Guy Bar appointed To to look into the origins of the investigation the investigation or the Russia investigation with the intelligence community very He's he's trying to get them. You know to sort of flip on that. And I think he's got nothing. because like I said Horowitz. What's interviewed Chris Steele And and said he was credible and what he had to say was really kind of very sort of outs. Interesting interesting you know. Oh What he had to say And then of course bar went to Italy and he's like hey tell me about myths Tell me he's working for you so that. Because then he's an asset and you you know they trapped with that whole populist thing was a frame of job and Italy's like Nah he doesn't work for us and no and no and so and then he goes to Australia and Australia's is like Nabo. No that really happened. Popadopoulos said that to Downer and Masud Italy says is not working for Italian intelligence via the FBI in the United United States or the CIA. And then he goes to the UK and UK's like what no our attorney general is going on a world tour to discredit our own intelligence agencies. Yeah and so. And so easy KS. He's like no doubt really happened in Russia attacked us. I think honestly trying to buy time. So that maybe bar Bar can either find or fabricate anything which released because they've been touting the release of this not just the investigation report important the investigation in the Department of Justice into the origins of the investigation but the The Inspector General Report on the origins of the Russia investigation and that was due out a a while ago. And it's still being held up and I and like the McCabe thing you know member when bar was like. Oh we're going to need some more time to say about indicting the Cape. They can't find anything and aren't able to get past the judicial protection that you know that the third branch government offers us. And so I think he's just trying to stall for time to see if he can fabricate or makeup or something up or anything that they can use because when this report comes out it's going to be won't want it's going to be like the Nunez memo. Oh totally Abbar reminds me of like a like a shitty magician at a children's birthday party where he's like does not distract you until the grand finale happens lake nokomis leave leave like he's just like desperately digging around in that box for another trick to distract people with but sorry I feel bad. Magicians No but seriously I mean I. We've talked about this a few times but I think sometimes it's like it's so you're right. It is helpful to this. podcast bears repeating the things that are so abnormal. It bears repeating over and over at that. It's insane that your attorney general's flying around the world to discredit your own intelligence agencies. Mrs Completely unprecedented good. Yeah I I it just and he can't. He's come up Empty Hal. It's all you're right and I think it's I think it's it totally only makes sense if this is all completely means of destruction and distortion. Because they don't have anything he's just buying time time that's so sad And and and there's a lot of things that haven't been released the the FBI New York field office. Inspector General report was a year ago We got one on COCO. We got the one on Komi and struck and page age and those turned out to be fine. They found that they're that If they had any bias or there was there were instances that they displayed biased political bias. It hadn't zero impact on their work. They couldn't find a way to criminally charge. Komi he didn't break the law They said it was probably not kosher of him. To take those memos home of his you know his contemporaneous memos of the discussions that he had with trump that were obstructive And he took him home he took them home and put them in his safe and then gave them to a friend kind of his to release to the press so he didn't do it directly yeah And all of that was found to be not criminal although you know they were like at. That's abnormal and weird and and and companies like this whole fucking thing is abnormal in weird. So I took proper steps that weren't illegal to ensure the AH preservation of this evidence and I told my top five or six guys at the at the at the FBI all of whom don't work for the FBI anymore or have been moved to HR HR discredited someway. Except for I think boat it So it's just it's just they don't have anything and when they don't have anything they don't want to release it because because it's embarrassing and I think the longer they try to push this impeachment so that they can sort of find something and release it before the impeachment is over are and that also might be why they're trying to rush rush through impeachment so fast. Yeah absolutely if I were the dams I'd be like they have nothing. which just take our time on this impeachment And I apologize. I haven't probably GONNA get to the shortly but do you think that once these public hearings begin. Public testimonies is going to change things It changed what things I mean just in terms of like getting the messages out there from these witnesses just out like having it be played on TV over and over and over absolutely one hundred percent. It'll make a difference. Yeah made a difference in Watergate and made a difference in Whitewater and it'll make a difference now and yeah it. It made such a difference Enduring Nick Sonian Times that before the public hearing started and Nixon's The the only nineteen percent of Americans were for impeachment. And we're already at fifty SEDDON. Certainly GonNA move real fast. I think and I think it only needs to move ten or fifteen points or so in order to get gop. Senator Start falling like Dominos and also in the news. Today they love parnassus lawyer has said Rudy. Giuliani directed Parnasse to issue an ultimatum. Earlier this year to a representative of the incoming President Zilenski. So that means that this that that this is what part is saying. So do you take what take it as you will. But that before Alinsky even took the presidency in May was directed by Giuliani. Tuition ultimatum that zilenski would have to announce an investigation into Biden or the US would freeze aid. Pence would not come to his inauguration. Now Frunze lawyer. Who just happens to be John Dowd? From the law. Firm of pardoning dangle said that Freeman was at that meeting and Dan Neither Biden nor pence's visit came up so now we have four quo's to the quid. We have international trade considerations. A White House meeting the release of Military Terry a.d and pence's presence alinsky inauguration because we remember in the reporting that trump wasn't going to send pence..

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