Captain Cook, Iron Age, Civil War discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience - #942 - Dan Flores


Warning more of these objects war of these access because steal i mean there's a famous story when captain cook first puts off the coast of the why may coast of co why and they why why people panel their outriggers out and climb on board his ships and immediately start pulling all the nails out of the plank king on the ship and diving off into the water with the nails because they want metal they realized this is such an advantage over the technology that they have and so i mean they're willing to trade what what do you want for an ax wow what do you want for a box of males so they just let the people know that the axe was a thing hanging from a tree leaving for awhile let and play with it and go back now wa that's a mind blower so that's how how native people kind of all over the world who hadn't progressed to the iron revolution to the iron age were seduced into the market economy is that they were offered items that were so compelling and as i f set a couple of times now if you if you didn't participate in it you kind of within a decade you were disadvantaged because everybody around you was going to end up doing it and so you got caught up in it and so that's how that's how what i was arguing and by psychology in bison diplomacy eminent i i the argument is slightly revised in american syrian getty but it's the same argument and it's become the prevailing argument about what happened to bison in the nineteenth century is we used to think that okay there were sell a hundred million of them by the end of the civil war and then guys go out with rifles in space twenty years they shoot em all down and that's the end of for their tongues and further hide.

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