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How do you play this. How's it played. I remember great actor telling me one point. You're gonna do mike. He's an imposter. And i thought no. I can't blame still bluster. But i think that's a good thought because in a sense you're playing someone in to our godfather one godfather to he still Groping with How's he going to housing. What the conflict and difficulty you know. But it's there early on. And i didn't say anything after i just said yes. I see what you mean. What what just say the same. Yes i see what you mean. I couldn't at the time. I particularly what it was that i was doing. I was too young and inexperienced in the way with film and everything else. And so i didn't know how to say to him. Well you see. I didn't know the whole picture but francis so smart. What does he do. He takes the sollozzo scene which was going to be shot later and he puts it up front so i could do it so now right he reschedules it so i come in. We're doing now going to be doing the solazzo scene. That's the scene with michael. Kills both of them solazzo in candidate the police chief in a restaurant so he did that. See i did that scene and they. They kept me in the film that that is that that was his. You know his understanding of things. He's got a big brain like while the also a big heart great. He's great greatest. I mean he's somebody to do that to do that for what you were then. An unknown quantity as far as movies were concerned making your name in theater but not yet a star movies. No and i didn't even come out yet. Needlepoint and He did that for you for this either for himself too because he knew you were the right guy for the film. That's right but he also gave you great break and one of the reasons. He was so adamant with me is because he wanted to be so many on broadway. I did play those taylor and they tie in. I got the tony award. And he saw me do it and he sent me a script. I thought was a good script. He's a good screen. He's great repeal patent. Seen when i thought a terrific script about a college professor which would be me who falls in love with one of his students and has two breaks. His whole family opened his wife and two kids and it's was somewhat surreal and was out there in san francisco. He took me out there. And i spent five days and nights with him in san francisco going out and so he got to know me a little. We would talk in meat. And i think that planted the seat. Of course. they didn't do it because they said who. Is this guy this kid. Who is this kid. Short kitties from the z. To do and francis. He's a new york. I think he can can play this all right now so they fired him in me so i remember him. I'm not going to do an remember. Take me to where it all started in this spielberg as he as he lucas and a couple of these real. Look at these guys. Who are these guy. They looked like tech defiles two kids. They were just never made a movie. I don't think so..

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