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That's the best of times. I do, miss. September. Miss the innocence. I miss the times before events change September I missed the September issue of Vogue. In fact, I miss Hall magazines. I'm just going to the theater without a mask wearing that the air is contaminated. Missed sitting next to people not liking them. Of course, that's who I am but scared. They are carriers. I mistrust in government. I miss eating indoors. I miss a clear head. I miss being vapid, worrying only about whether I look good whether I look cool. I miss going everywhere. I miss September. I'm still walking. It's no longer raining. My head and conscience is clear. I'm no longer feeling sorry for the world. No longer feeling sorry for myself. It's time to pick it up. Mark time to get busy. Get on with life, see the bright side enjoy the moment and choice September. There you have it. September. I miss the simpler times, but I'm excited for the future. Some could argue that September is the most exciting moment of the year. Now that I brooded in melancholy, Walk down memory lane. Now that I've got to think it through and talk it through. Now that my heads in the right place Allow me to introduce you to my son, My lawyer co host Jesse Weber. Can't help it, Jesse. I do miss September and happier times. Very melancholy. Very poetic. Very poetic. I think you made the point pretty clearly. We've all seen better times. But let me be the glass, half full kind of guy, which I think I'm pretty much always on this show. Since you're constantly negative. I see it differently. I think the future is pretty bright because we do live in the greatest country in the world. It's still the greatest country in the world as of right now, hopefully it doesn't change. This is the most exciting city in the world. They said New York was dead came back. I think this is really a lot of exciting things are happening. You know this time of year, The Yankees are doing great. They're winning the US Open is putting a spotlight in Queens that this time of year fashion week coming back runway shows coming back. Live runway shows are coming back. We have the restaurants open hotels are taking guests back. Uber's You can take always back and forth. Everyone is coming back from the Hamptons Out east are coming back to the city. I think September is a great time. I'm excited for September and I got to say with all due respect and great reverence, uh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I hate to say this and I want to see it carefully. But I think you were more fun when you were the master of the universe now on radio, Not so much woes. So you're saying I used to be important? No, I'm not saying important. I didn't say that. I didn't. I don't think that but in September since that's what we're talking about. This was a time in your career that How do I say it? Well, you were working at a real job. I mean, I hate to say you were. You were going at a real job and they had benefits. We had certain benefits the US Open we went to we got. We had great tickets to that The runway shows front row at the runway shows amazing hobnobbing with celebrities. Backstage access fashion Week It was fashion night out. We were going to all these cool parties. It was an exciting time. So you're saying I used to be important and not saying important? I'm not saying no, Just stay out. I'm not going there. Sounds like you are. You're the one who picked this topic. Okay? I miss September. You missed September. Aren't I allowed to miss September you? You were right in the thick of it. You said it. The runway shows front row at the open. After parties. I can be honest, I miss September also. Okay, Saum. Irrelevant. Annoying. Annoying. No, you're not irrelevant. You're my father. You're never irrelevant. You always said I'm still important. Doesn't sound like it were a little bit removed, right? We're a little bit more removed from the bigger life that we used to have in September. Now I'm feeling guilty that I gave it up. You don't have to feel guilty. You should never feel guilty. We do right now. Let me be clear. We still have a great right. We had the experiences when you look back that Not a lot of people had in the first place, and I really think that's what the show should be about. If you ask me if I could be the director of the show. I think you should tell some stories about the September that we miss the September we used to have, even though it's great right now. I mean, we're fortunate. Alright, Alright, alright. I've sounds like I'm relevant, but okay, That's the point. I just didn't realize you wanted me to say I used to be important. You are important. Yeah, right. Just be relevant now. Okay, Swell. Swell. Yeah, okay. You know what your your baby don't be a baby. You have a lot to talk about. Just get back into it. All right? Never mind. This is Mark Webber. This is always in fashion. I used to be important. To be honest. I'm loving my simple life. Now it's simple. But it's significant and that's for another show tonight. It's I miss September and to get things rolling. Jesse mentioned front row at the US Open. I want to talk about that for a minute because you want to talk about missing something. I miss going to the U. S open. No. Put that aside for a second, I've been invited to this year's U. S. Open by a number of powerful companies that would allow me and the boys to sit in certain areas that are great, but nothing compares. What we had in my formal life, and I want to talk about that. Let's see where to begin. Sitting in my office One day. My title at the time was, uh, I think Face chairman of sports where at the pvh company and within my purview. All the sportswear brands reported into me, and one of them at the time was the eyes on brand. For those of you who don't remember. And those of you who are actually Born after this happened, I said, and Lacoste became one brand in the United States. This goes back to the fifties, The Lacoste brand wanted expanded to United States. There was a company that owned the ice out brand that was well known in the United States. They suggested to the French company to merge the names and it was called Isa Lacoste. It was probably the biggest marketing blunder in the history of the world, but let alone for sure the single biggest marketing blunder in the fashion industry to merge those two names. Because over the course of time Isa the cost group group and eventually became very popular, priced over distributed in the French wanted the brand name back and through. Negotiations. They finally bought the name back and separated. The two companies his eyes on and there's the cost, and that's how it's seen today. One day anyway, We were running this company. We bought it out of bankruptcy and as vice chairman of the group, it reported into me. The president of the golf and tennis division came to see me and said, Mark, I need to talk to you about the U. S open. I said Haven't we talked about that already? It's going to be in Shinnecock this year. And we are supporting certain Clinton. No, no, no more. I'm talking about the tennis open. Said the tennis open, All right, that's it. Well, what about it? He said. Over the course of time we found out when we bought the company. We have the reserved rights to the box seats. In the U. S open. And I want to know if you want to take them or not. What do you want to do? He said. I'm not sure it's expensive. Let's say it was $100,000. I don't remove the exact number. It's $100,000 to have the box for the Entirety of the tournament. I'm sure it's great. We can entertain clients and, uh, something you might want to consider. I said $100,000. That's a lot of money. You know, it's interesting in general when companies buy other companies, the CEO the president's they all want to show How they run, lean and mean companies and they want to eliminate as much as the overhead as they possibly can so that they could justify the purchase and show how smart they are. I'll never forget when May company One of the large department store conglomerates out on the West Coast bought Robinsons May, which it was called was the Robinsons Department. Storm. Robinson was the carriage straight. It was the Neiman Marcus of California was a beautiful story. Never forget going out meeting the chairman..

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