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From NPR News. I'm Janine Herbst. There's no guidance from the CDC today. That suggests caution if exposed to someone infected with the Corona virus for 15 minutes over a 24 hour period of time. That's different from previous guidance that suggested to people had to be in contact for 15 minutes or more continuously. This is the number of Corona virus cases around the country continues to grow. CDC director Robert Redfield. The pandemic is not over. Earlier this week. Covert virus cases reached over 40 million globally. Here in the United States were approaching. A critical phase. He also says he is optimistic about a vaccine by years and but added it would be in limited supply once one does become available. And seven months into this pandemic, America's K through 12 schools have been hit with a financial double whammy of rising costs and deep budget cuts. NPR's Cory Turner has more Schools get roughly half their funding from state tax revenues, which had taken a big hit. The center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates roughly 570,000 school jobs have disappeared since the start of the last school year. These cuts are also coinciding with rising costs. Schools that have reopened are now paying for sanitizer, cleaning, maybe more busing if they can afford it for schools that remain closed its new laptops and WiFi hot spots. And for all of these schools, there is one more huge new cost that experts don't even fully understand yet what will it take to help the millions of Children who have lost months of learning and won't catch up without Maur, teachers and Mork last time? Cory Turner. NPR news while street lower by the closing bell, the Dow down 97 points to end at 28,210. The NASDAQ was down 31 points to close at 11,480 for Yes and 3 500 down seven points to end at 34 35. This is NPR. And this is Casey AR W on a Wednesday, October 21st on Larry Perella. Here's What's happening at 4 32. Quimby is calling it quits, the Los Angeles based short video, APP said today it is shutting down just six months after its initial debut quickly, which is short for quick bites was designed for people to watch videos on their phone on the go, but the platform Which launched in early April, struggled to reach viewers amid the Corona virus pandemic, which kept millions quarantined in their homes. TheStreet Ming service was launched by an all star cast of execs like Jeffrey Katzenberg and former eBay chief Meg Whitman and had more than $1.7 billion in investments to get it off the ground. The company says it's going to wind down its operation and sell Its assets. Theme parks like Disneyland, A universal studios are not happy with the state's new guidance for reopening both L A and orange counties are nowhere near the yellow or minimal risk tear. The state says they have to be in for a large theme park to reopen Park say they've been able to safely reopen in other states like Florida By following their own protocols. Hugo Martine covers the travel industry for the Times. He says that while the state sent representatives to Florida to check out reopening protocols, it didn't lead to any changes. Apparently, that didn't really sway the state much because they came back. Pretty much with the same protocols that they were considering about two weeks ago. The theme parks say they aren't ruling out legal action. Erin Guerrero is the executive director of Kappa. The California Attractions and Parks Association is our number one goal is to be allowed to reopen responsibly. Obviously, we love to keep that conversation going and come up with a reasonable timeline for re openings. But at this point Any options There are viable industry associations say that the shuttering of US theme parks has led to the loss of billions of dollars in revenue. Officials in Santa Barbara County have voted to add some teeth to local Covad 19 health orders in a three to vote. The Board of Supervisors approved in ordinance this week that allows for enforcement of pandemic rules in unincorporated parts of the county. Including penalties for violations. Here's Casey Ar W Smack Gillom, the director of the county's Office of Emergency Management, Kelly Hubbard says the enforcement measures are meant to prevent a possible uptick in the virus as cooler weather settles in. Santa Barbara strategy will continue to be based education but flagrant and repeat offenders could face a range of civil, administrative and even criminal penalties. Businesses out of compliance could face season desist letters or finds Another option. Suspending or revoking licenses for certain establishments like tattoo parlors or bars. If they're found to be out of compliance with health orders, some violators could even face misdemeanor charges that would carry a fine of up to $1000 or 90. Days in jail..

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