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LA home, and we are so excited to top tonight about a classic action. Jackson, Carl weathers, this is an amazing movie movie that I want to seek before. And we will get into all of that. If you told me that Craig t Nelson was going to be full on doing karate in this movie. I with a get the hell out of here. But no it happens twice. Joining me as always to break down this film. Please welcome. Mr. Jason, man. What? We do and everybody. Oh boy. Jason ball. I feel like this movie falls in the thank God. It got me. Yeah. I think I saw this movie when it was like a VHS, rental righty. You could watch. That was exciting question. Mark. And I really watched it today. And it's just as good as I heard. Wow, the raw charisma just being off the screen. Well, it's got everything. I mean, it's got. With vanity. Yeah. This is our second vanity film in there. Very Serpia time. I think we're actually exposing her to a brand new audience. Let's bring people in I'll take that's great. She's saying in this one which was to riffing twice. And I would I would argue that we get into some more serious acting here. She plays series. Yeah. You know, very serious acting when he opened up the jewellery the necklace box, and it was just a syringe. I was I was like what's happening. Now. This is why old I was going to say it was on the level of requiem for dream. Oh, what do you mean? This arranges the syringes..

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