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Is WTO news The Fourth Amendment protects people from unreasonable search and seizure but a Virginia appeals court says this week it doesn't apply to everyone No one notes was indicted for drug possession when it was found asleep on a table in an apartment Police found meth in a bottle someone tossed out the window but a wise county judge said with no search warrant that violated nokes expectation of privacy in jurors would not be able to hear about what was found but the Virginia attorney general appealed saying it wasn't no apartment The owner wasn't there it's not even clear notes knew the owner The appeals court agreed saying in this case notes wasn't entitled to Fourth Amendment protections The president of Ukraine says more than 3000 people have now been rescued from that city of mariupol which has been under constant Russian bombardment for weeks In the meantime Russia is accusing Ukraine of an attack in the other direction on attack on a fuel depot on Russian soil CBS's Holly Williams This is a Ukrainian air attack according to U.S. officials on Russian soil and the furies that it could lead to some kind of an escalation In fact U.S. officials are apparently concerned by what rush's reaction may turn out to be Although Russia is apparently withdrawing some of its forces from around the capital of key fighting those continue nearby the mayor of key vitali once a famous boxer says actors doctors they stay with uniform They never expect to take the weapons in the hands but right now they want to defend his city CBS News special report I'm Tom fody WTO P at one 52 For.

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