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Of that statistic john carr's he could fall to any of these factors that are on this list from bad marketing zor you lose this focus jury as hires bad people there's one thing though john that i think is missing from this list of the top twenty things that that that bring down a start up and it's this it's on it's bad luck because he when i meet people that are successful that have grown their companies they will always tell you that you know they they they did the right thing they worked hard they hire their ab they're all these could factors but they will always tell you that there was always a little bit of luck involved they were in the right place at the right time they they met that certain customer at some events they stumbled into some opportunity or some person that got them to change of direction a little little thing that that need to be impact on their company those things are there's luck and you can have all the town in the world all the money in the world all the skill all of that but you do need i don't know if you wanna call it the hand of god some something but let's keep that in mind that i mean a lot of really you know people that are very smart people that you'd think they're going to be successful and sometimes even when they have all the factors in the right place they just for some reason the wind was against them gene marks the small business columnist for the washington post and other distinguished publications the business of america's small business we're headed to startups i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show a couple of days.

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