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Five yard field goal. Vikings. Spot. He just did it again. Third time in the history of the border battle. Daniel Carlson missed field goals today and the Vikings and the Packers finished tied at twenty nine. Sports radio one hundred point three twenty nine twenty nine the final first time since nineteen Seventy-three. We've had two games ending in a tie in the first two weeks of the season the teams combining to miss the final three field goal. Attempts of the game. Aaron Rodgers thirty forty to two hundred eighty one yard touchdown not satisfied, though, close to an L. Yeah. Doesn't feel great nonetheless play you know, that. Nice not to have loss on the record right now. But disappointing you know, we found a lot of ways that one away. Last week where you're on the other side where we had a momentum and found a way to to win a game. We had a ton of chances disappointing the way finished. Going into the game. I'm pretty sure right now sore and some other spots too. So that's kind of taken away from the from the knee pain punched in the in early sack. Know took a couple of shots. But that feel good about my rehab this week, you know, the guys in the training room. Do a fantastic job. Coming ready to play felt good yesterday. Practice new the adrenaline would kick in. I start to feel better was teasing doc about running for thirty yards in the game came up short by pool. That successfully got the thirty. But. Oh, good about where that's adding not sure where my status will be practice next week. But feel good that I was able to make it through the game just disappointed with the last couple of plays mind. Aaron Rodgers had been nine and Owen his career when he was up by eight points in the final two minutes of the fourth quarters of the Packers squandering the fourth quarter lead. Vikings clearly though aided by that roughing the passer call against clay Matthews. I know what to say. This.

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