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Somebody's to hear like i mean you don't know me at all and it's just nice to hear that you hear that story and that's good you know feeling so how am i really so much for sharing like it means the world when our callers because we get these amazing emails from people who have had similar problems after these podcasts get released and it just means the world so thank you so much view in congratulations and what would win you getting married november remember third oh my real quick i'm sorry on i i loved your book i listened to your audio book and it just like it was like listening to one of my best friends or their stories it was really relatable loved it so much so much that means the world i love you and congratulations email me your address so we're gonna send you a wedding gift on and are gonna send you wedding email me your it's macaulay culkin i think you macaulay and on a love you to please keep us posted okay thanks so much jenny thanks thank you bye you were right she and that is so hard for me to say just like my girlfriend's i thought she was your lady fred especially different she's seen me naked didn't run away so special friend thank you thank you so much amazing you're amazing where amazing looking we had a blast this is a blast oh good all around this bunny.

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