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Just changed it feels bigger than you thought the Super Bowl was big but it feels a little larger look at that it is coaxed a smile on to the face of the never smiling Roy Bellamy who is exhausted Mike Ryan his spirit has been lifted because the nature boy makes us happy and when we told Aaron Donald that the nature boy is going to be here whenever Donald got here Erin Donald is more excited about meeting ric flair and ric flair is about meeting Erin Donald even though ric flair is an enormous sports fan so I don't mean that as an executive and so we are happy to have you with us have you have you already partaken of Miami in ways that are funded that night as you know my wife is the ultimate Allen a full file a woman now she checked into the Versace mansion is that Rick it's time to move on from the Marriott let them enough over the years were gone ever such U. S. hold on thing I need to hear about this because that's hard to get into and that ain't cheap one of the of the land around here this week you've got the middle of everything the Versace mansion it's the only home on the street but I realize that and I use that instead of cheap and I'll vouch for that to even get it like it's not it is real there are a lot of people vying for that house this week I don't know I can we we have our own we I did the nature boy yeah.

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