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Perfect word is just not pleasant word. The beauty of words is really important the way they locked together. It's not only what you want to say. But it's how you say what words you choose and somebody else might say. Well that's kind of constricted. You wanted to say what you want to say. Well you can do that in your journal if you want other places but it's you know it's a song so it's a different beast half ireland and it's not too hard to do it's frustrating but you always end up. Do finding it. You know eventually matter. How obsessed eventually you find it different than a book. You said everything is logged in there. You just find a way to bring it on organiz it and what you choose to say. Don't choose to say but also how your memory seems really good. I don't have a journal and things like that so those writes something just about something that happened twenty years ago. I don't really know that. I could have all the memories. I only only a handful of times. I texted people. Who are still in my life. And i'd send them what i'd written said. This is what happened right. This is what she said right. Because sometimes just like. It's the old game of telephone and Somebody tells you joke. And then that joke comes back to you three years later. It's nothing doesn't even resemble the the setup is different the punch lines different that i was walking rule number one. You know you read. A book is dead people. You know that right. Absolutely because what the fuck diana do about it speaking what you just said before about people who memories being different you ever been around..

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