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Ran A. Career best at the opportune time. The one two years ago. She was further back early than You know the you might have wanted and you know she. She was commencing a rally was making up ground and it was too late. Anyway just was not you know stylistically and and the way the race unfolded It just it didn't happen but. Every other time Just was. was terrific. kind of got excited about her. Back in in twenty eighteen. as a as a three year old when we got to see her. On a couple of different occasions at Santa Anita. Winning for Bill Spar. Started off and a good third in the Oaks beyond the. Girl and wonder. And It, just. I I don't know how you can diminish take anything away from any of her. Of Her efforts. Midnight be so. Night, loot she was she was. Sound and Consistent. Really just you know you look at. Looking at the. Space between races she never you know she really. Kinda just. Click the long. After after her two year old year. She got beat. It's funny show Dream Tree Beater those noses in in inner debut. Live interestingly, her career actually parallels Hollywood story although much more complete and with way more wins but like Hollywood story. appeared in a maiden race and then ran in nothing but stakes the rest of her career. which is something Hollywood story did. And broke her maiden in upstate like Hollywood story and November to January from two to three. And then from three to four same thing November to January, she started last year and that Houston Ladies Classic and then went on a tremendous terror ladies classic is Airy Apple Blossom. The. Phipps, the Molly Pitcher, the personal lines in the Bell Day. Just just Just a a fabulous. Fabulous. Racemare. this year. came out and went to the race Saudi Arabia where she still alternately be declared the winner I suppose that is pending and in fact, if you didn't see that I did see where the. The Saudi the Jockey Club, of Saudi Arabia, said that they will. Wait until the legal. Decisions involving Jason Service are a complete before a make any. Purse Award. On that On on the win. So. Midnight be so. Seven point. Five million essentially and holding. And pending. Let's put it that way. So looking forward, the expect, maybe hear from Jeff Bloom late in the show. And you know the Jeff made all the. appropriate. Acknowledgments. Tinged with sadness because. It just seemed like you were on everything seemed like it was on A. Path to this, you know monster is match up in the in the distaff still going to be. Still going to be good but. Certainly you know. The one of the star attractions but great job by really every between bill spar and his team and and Steve Asmussen Scott Blasi and. Their team And I then you know most of the. Most, of the major. Divisions of the team. Had A hand in in. In. Looking after her. Scott and Darren Fleming and. Toby sheets and New York I mean everybody him. In there you know on their shed row they're asking us in shadow at one point or another midnight be so and a lot of fans you saw the outpouring of appreciation for her. Twenty to start career. That's a nice. That's a nice full career and That jeep she'll be she'll dot. How does she? How do you keep her out of the hall of fame? Few other news and notes before we reach for Dick at Powell and I mentioned Marty. Let me give you the lineup Dick. I WANNA get Tony in because PIMLICO were we'll explain to you we do every single year about. Tim Lico and and how. How the what the origins were of the old wives tale about quote unquote tight turns I it it. May Have seemed that way because of the way horses corner but it has nothing to do with the with the turns and everything to do with the banking and we'll let tony explain that I call on him for that every single year. To explain the the Banking AG Pimlico, not as banked as your. Typical Oval. and. That's why it's a little more difficult for horses to to corner. At the. Local In addition to Dick and Tony Steve Haskins, Mardi with his full as I told you reaching and and Jeff Lynne. That's what I'm expecting. There you go Couple of. Quick. News hits the word came from Dave rennick Iran Ortiz who was on the shelf anyway with some days came up positive with with Kobe test. So he is self isolating and is out until at least October eighth. So at least a week, today's the first. So at least until next Thursday and they'll have to produce you know the probably the appropriate test. So I guess not showing symptoms but positive so. Knock on wood? Rod. You know I've been. Stopped I mean obviously everybody's dealing with look at look at what's going on in the NFL The digital sale today and I forgot to mention this yesterday got this digital sales ring today and bidding. Let me refresh see if the bidding is. is underway, but there's a handful of the. Of Racing Age. The broodmare prospects and and horses racing kinds of things plus some yearlings. So KEENELAND DIGITAL DOT COM if you haven't checked out want to mention. Do the jockey. Hong Kong Jockey Club stuff with deck in a little bit The ARC will save. I mentioned Erat. Want to get this in because there's not a big window for it Valmont and Niagara Bats. You've got a Belmont PIMLICO challenge on Saturday if you haven't seen this and it's a three hundred dollar buy in you bet on a minimum before Belmont races and three pimlico races. Maximum of three PIMLICO races you can bet on more Belmont races than four if you want to Building your bankroll hundred seventy five goes to the bank roll one, twenty, five to the prize pool. And you gotTa make seven. Twenty..

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